Monday, July 25, 2011

Review: The Gathering (Devil's Tavern 5) by Crymsyn Hart

The Gathering (Devil's Tavern 5)
Crymsyn Hart
Paranormal Romance / Erotica
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Evil has finally manifested at the Devil’s Tavern. Each pair feels the pull toward the dark place and must heed its call.

Emera and Keenan arrive from The Denizen. Nathan and Josephine stop prowling the night and heed the call. Bruno and his mate Serena rumble to the tavern to fight the evil. The last to arrive are Valerie and James. Together, they must overcome their differences.

While they try to work as one, the evil entices them. All succumb to the darkness but in the end, the light will always prevail.



Intriguing Read!

This short and interesting read wraps up the Devil’s Tavern Series by bringing the head of all the past four books to a climax of sending the evil demon creature that caused all the tormented tragedy amongst them to an end. However, the demon is clever and still has a hold on them even though they might have found their light amongst all the darkness around them.

The demon draws them to the Tavern but they are clueless to what his motives are and once they learn his plans and that they are the key to raise the fallen angel Chaos to rule the world and turn them all into slaves only their truthful light can break the trance and spell of the demon and the only way to do that is to know his name and only one person in the group knows it but can’t remember it. So the mystery adds to the excitement as it heads to its climax ending.

The story even though short, covered a lot and held my interest throughout. The romance and erotic scenes between each couple wasn’t as tense as it was in their original stories but the author did give a short insight to their past. The ending was a great climax and ended with the thought of maybe a spin off could be made from the series. I am such a huge fan of Crymsyn Harts and can’t wait to read more of her work.

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