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Review La Luxure by C.D. Hussey

Title: La Luxure: Discover Your Blood Lust (Human Vampire #1)
Author: C.D. Hussey
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Format: eBook, 241 pgs
Release Date: April 15, 2011
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La Luxure Book Cover

Deep in the heart of the French Quarter, where the Bourbon Street revelry is nothing more than a far off whisper, underground blood-bar La Luxure beckons those with darker tastes through its narrow archway.

When tourist Julia Brown stumbles unwittingly into Luxure, she first thinks it's nothing more than a swanky Goth club. But when a patron is found dead on the street, drained of blood and covered in bites and marks, Julia begins to fear there's something more sinister lurking below the sleek interior.

And at the center of it all is Armand Laroque, who awakens a lust she never knew existed and a temptation impossible to resist.

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Rating -
An Alpha Howl

Sexual -

My Review:

This is the first in Hussey's Human Vampire series. The setting is New Orleans for a brutal murder, a Goth-like bar and vampire sub-culture in this steamy romance. Hussey's characters are so genuine and authentic it is almost like watching a live performance.

Julia, the female lead, is a witty 29 year old civil engineer and "token vagina" in the male dominated field attending a conference in New Orleans. She likes "her romance novels to be a little edgier, with leather clad, tattooed vampires that had drug problems, or were once sex slaves. The occasional werewolf was nice, or angst-y warlock, especially a tormented, sorcerer werewolf. She'd put away the historical novels years ago in favor of darker, rawer, urban fantasies." (Hmm, sounds like someone you know? {smile}.) Julia thinks she is a "boring, nerdy engineer" and Armand is a "super sexy vampire".

Armand, the male lead, is owner of La Luxure ("Lust" for those who don't know French), a Gothy vampire sub-culture bar, and one of the leaders in the Sang Community in New Orleans. He is inexplicably drawn to Julia the minute she comes in his bar. After he talks with her for a while, he actually finds himself falling for her.

This is a great story with a twist many won't see coming and a hot, hot, hot dream sequence, a shower scene which is well... steamy {grin} and the scene on the couch — ooh, la la!

Paranormal romance and vampire romance genre fans should put this on their wish list.

Warning Spoiler Alert!!!
This does have a HEA ending. While this is a paranormal romance, it is not supernatural. Confused? That's ok, read it and you'll see what I mean.



  1. WildaboutBones-This book sounds great. Thank you for the awesome review. I love that they called her the "token vagina". Lol! That's too funny. Looking forward to the couch scene :)

  2. @redzsm: I adored this book and its type of humor had me cracking up. It is kinda scary how much the female lead is like me - I declare, the author must have been channeling me. I am sooooo looking forward to the sequel, de Sang.


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