Sunday, July 17, 2011

Review Last Caress by Luxie Ryder

Title: Last Caress
Author: Luxie Ryder
Source: Requested from publisher
Genre: Erotic
Length: 17 pgs
Format eBook
Publishers website

An erotic short story with MF vampire themes by Luxie Ryder
The vampire waits for her because he has no choice. Her name is Maribel but what he wants from her should never be mentioned by name - like her blood, her sex, her death.
When hunger and loneliness sent Jared stumbling through his home town one night, he found himself face to face with the woman who was once his destiny.
He longs to take her; change her, yet he knows that she will hate him for it. He has forever to make her forgive him, but is that long enough?


Going into this story I thought it would be a romantic one, but it’s not. It’s a darker side vampire tale and it's erotic, but there’s no romance to the storyline whatsoever. I did like the hot sex and the dark side ambience. I didn’t like the fact it was very story at 17 pgs. and the ending was very lacking, but that’s the romantic side of me that wants the HEA.

If you want a quick darker side erotic ride this would be for you. If you’re a romance reader steer clear of this one. 


  1. Hi Laurie and thanks for your review. I feel I should take the opportunity to let your readers know that this is not a paranormal romance - it's an erotic short story with vampire themes and very, very dark in tone. Thanks for your positive comments.


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