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Review Nightwolves on the Prowl by Clarrissa Lee Moon

Title: Nightwolves on the Prowl (The Nightwolves #2)
Author: Clarrissa Lee Moon
Source: From Publisher
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Format: Paperback, 300 pgs
Release Date: June 1, 2011 (3rd ed.)
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Nightwolves on the Prowl Book Cover

Memoirs of The Nightwolves Series is a paranormal adventure based on the Mayan Prophecy of Earth's Apocalypse. Special Forces and a Magickal Mercenary team join together forming the Nightwolves to deal with the events unfolding because of the coming prophecy. The natural disasters are opening portals that had been long closed by Ancients Gods and Goddesses who removed The Greater Magickal Races (vampires, werewolves, and dragons) from Earth millennia ago. Now with the polarity shift of Earth those portals the Greater Magickal Races were forced through are opening again and The Nightwolves have to try to make peace with the other races as they can, defend humans against those who won't, and save as many lives as possible when a natural disaster hits.

Urban fantasy lovers will enjoy the high-octane action and paranormal romance readers will be titillated by the alternative relationships of the main characters. The series takes readers too many other worlds to experience fantastical creatures and cultures of other humanoid beings that once had been a part of Earth in a far gone past; Beings and Magicks now relegated as nothing more than Myths and Legends by present-day standards. Alternative relationships and cultures are filled with a variety of dynamics and religions, both on Earth and on other worlds.

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Rating -
a pack howl

Sexual -
Four Alarm Fire #@!%$

My Review:

On a mission to Japan in this second of the Nightwolves series, while investigating a portal that opened early to the world of Kla’ din, Cat and one of the Nightwolf teams encounter three sexy ruling cousins who believe Cat is their mate. Draugralls (bad vamps), dragons (good guys), a dire wolf (werewolf in mid shift), Cat's favorite rock band, sorcerer-rulers, more fae beings, portals, dark arts practitioners, seductions and a kidnapping compete for our attention in this installment.

Cat's three soulmates are "6’1 to 6’3, with dark brown hair and deep brown eyes. They each looked like the Highlander, but even better than Duncan McCloud did." I wonder which Duncan? Christopher Lambert from the movies or Adrian Paul from the TV series? With these two, does it really matter? Eye candy both. {smile}

Now Cat's goddess is telling her that her heart is big enough to save two worlds, earth and the world through the portal by mating to the three gorgeous rulers there to produce children to save it. Sheesh! Some gals have all the luck. {pout} When Cat's soulmates find out she knew there were going to be problems, "I was so screwed. And not in the good way."

I love the humor in this story — witty, sarcastic, irreverent and sometimes self-depreciating.

This book is much sexier than the first book. There is a foursome (without m/m action - all m/f) with 3 more watching, an interesting scene by a pond, then another threesome (m/f/m) in the back of a bus.

I really enjoyed this story. Even with a somewhat unfinished ending, more to come in the next book, I think paranormal, fantasy and urban fantasy fans will like this book and series.


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