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Sharon Maria Bidwell
Aspen Mountain Press
July 2011
ISBN: 978-1-60168-301-4
Genre: Erotic Paranormal M/M Romance
E-book, 54 pages
Review Requested by Publisher
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Dressed for far colder weather, Armand makes a strange spectacle in Del Fantasma. Krakow cannot believe Cody sends the man over to his corner, especially when he told the vampire he wanted to be alone. His disgruntlement soon changes when he realises there's something different about Armand. Has Cody done the impossible and found someone Krakow can finally share intimacy with? Krakow has the answers to Armand's lonely existence...and a cure so Armand no longer has to feel cold.

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Little did Armand know what he was walking into when he strolled into Del Fantasma. He was searching for a brief respite from the unrelenting chill running through his body and the loneliness that was his constant companion. Krakow sat alone in the dark of the corner. He needed to be in the company of these beings, but couldn’t risk the pain again and so kept to himself. Enter matchmaker extraordinaire: the owner of Del Fantasma and bartender, Cody Warren.

Cody sets a Toasted Almond (yes, it’s a cocktail) in front of Armand and tells him to go sit over in the corner where it’s warmer. Krakow wonders what exactly Cody is up to, sending someone over to his corner; knowing good and well the guy will move as soon as he finds the corner too warm. Relaxing, Armand finds the warmth comfortable and even starts to sweat. He is startled when he realizes he is not alone in that corner. Krakow is amazed as he watches Armand’s reactions to Krakow’s heat.

“What’s happening here?” Armand gasped out, breaking into Krakow’s contemplation. “Who are you?”
Could it be? Was it possible? Does he have any idea?
No. If there were one thing Krakow felt sure of it was that the man beside him truly had no clue as to his nature.

As Krakow takes Armand under his wing to gingerly guide Armand to his true nature, the power of these two magnificent beings ignite the pages. Careful….or you may get singed! Armand’s insistent eagerness is tempered by Krakow’s methodical and deliberate development of Armand’s nature. Whoa! And it is hot – scorching - hot!

The paranormal features are well developed for a short story. A time or three I would re-read just to be sure I was clear on what I had read. Okay, I admit - I am a virgin when it comes to this creature and I’ve just had my cherry popped. (But now that I’ve had a taste, I want more. Yes, Laurie, you told me so.) Krakow and Armand are sincere but cautious when moving forward, but they are more fearful of saying “No” and not finding out at all.

Overall, a blistering man love, paranormal romance that will leave you breathless. Hmm, I think it’s time for a Toasted Almond.


  1. Sounds like a great read Cynthia. Thank you!! Its always time for a Toasted Almond :) Love them!!

  2. I have yet to try one - a Toasted Almond that is! They sound so yummy!


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