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ARC Review Angel by Nicole "Coco" Marrow & Laura Hayden

Title: Angel
Author: Nicole "Coco" Marrow, Laura Hayden
Source: Won from Publisher via Goodreads.com
Genre: Paranormal Romance4
Format: Hardcover, 304 pgs
Release Date: Sept 13, 2011
Publisher Website
Angel Book Cover
A beautiful woman awakens on a plane and discovers that things are going terribly wrong. The plane is about to crash into the Hudson River…and she can’t even remember her own name.

After she survives the crash, the airline determines that her name is Angela Sands. But she has no idea who she really is.

Reporter Dante Kearns is fascinated by the woman the media dubs “the Angel of the Hudson,” especially once he discovers her shocking secret. Angela can hear voices in her head—the thoughts of all men around her. And when a man gets close, her face and form change into the woman of his dreams.

Who is Angela? And why does she believe that she was murdered before she woke up on that plane in a stranger’s body? Together, Angela and Dante are going to find answers, even if they have to bring down a killer to do so.

Nicole “Coco” Marrow, wife of Ice-T, keeps readers guessing with her pulse-pounding debut novel.
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Rating -
a pack howl

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My Review:

4.5 Stars! What a good debut novel by Marrow! A plane crash, an amnesiac, a reporter, a murder, a romance and a mysterious talent take center stage in this paranormal romance with a mainstream novel slant featuring a creative new mythos for the sexy female lead character.

The media named her "Angel of the Hudson" when she survived a plane crash and saved a baby — the only other survivor. Unfortunately, while she can recall the details of the crash, she has no memory of who she is, why she was on the plane or where she was going. She notices she is having strange reactions to people. She quickly begins to think she is going crazy.

Dante, a television reporter, is filming nearby on a ferry when the plane goes in the river. He is the first to spot the survivor and jumps in to rescue her. His brother happens to be a security guard at the hospital where she's taken and is able to slip her his card and visit her a time or two.

When she recovers from the minor injuries but still can't remember anything about herself other than what the airline tells her came up in their investigation, she is transferred to a "behavior center" a.k.a. psyche ward. There she discovers more about her strange ability and checks herself out. She finds Dante's card and calls him for help.

When she tells Dante of her ability, he isn't sure he believes her since the ability doesn't seem to work on/around him but finds himself agreeing to help her. However, when he witnesses for himself another strange aspect of her ability manifest, he can no longer deny it.

There are several subplots to make the story even more interesting. I think fans of mainstream thriller, paranormal romance and the supernatural genres will enjoy this.

FTC compliance statement: I received the book free through Goodreads First Reads program

Warning Spoiler Alert!!!
This has a HEA ending.

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