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ARC review Wings of Fire (The World of Ascension #3) by Caris Roane

Title: Wings of Fire (The World of Ascension #3)
 Author: Caris Roane
Source: Author request
Genre: Paranormal romance
Format: Mass Paper back
Release Date August 30, 2011

By night, the winged warrior Antony Medichi fights the death vampireswho threaten his world. By day, he hunts the rogue vampires who invade Mortal Earth. But deep in his heart rages the fiercest battle of all—his soul-searing passion for the one mortal he is sworn to protect…the one woman he is doomed to love.
Parisa Lovejoy is so beautiful, and so powerful, that Antony cannot fight the feelings she arouses. But his unexpected love only intensifies his strength as her Guardian—a strength that is put to the ultimate test when Parisa is abducted. Her captor, Commander Greaves, enslaves mortal women for their blood. If Parisa hopes to survive—and ascend—she must forge an even deeper bond with Antony…in the flames of eternity.



Oh My Goodness! Caris Roane does it again with Wings of Fire it’s super-hot and exciting, I loved it! This has become one of my favorite series because Caris is consistent in keeping the romance tops along with the paranormal elements complex, clear to read and exciting.

Anthony and Parisa romance sizzled on these pages. When we last left these two in the second book, Parisa was taken by Greaves. This book starts off with Anthony still looking for Parisa and he has been for a while. He will not stop until he finds her. Parisa wants to escape from Greaves, but she hasn’t been able to just yet. While being held captive Parisa meets a lady that she finds a connection to and really wants to help her, but with no way to even help herself get out she sure can’t help anyone else, just yet that is. Graves is having a woman put to death to only be brought to life again and it‘s not pretty. Once Parisa finds this out and she escapes no one will stop her from trying to save this woman, even Anthony.

Once Anthony and Parisa are back together they have a lot on their plate, but the one thing they can’t escape from is the breh-hidden. I myself found this book way hotter in the romance and sex department than the first two. This couple is very special and let me tell you once they start their Breh-hidden OMG. It was different hot and awesome. I give you a couple of clues floating and wings on fire. Once their Breh-hidden starts, something bad starts happening that could cost all of the warriors everything.

Again you meet the next hero and heroine in this book so you get a good feel for them, I just love that. You also get the other warrior and their now wives along with the head honcho Endelle. I can’t wait for the next book to come out, I already like the heroine.

This is one hot fast pace action story that no PNR reader should be without. Although this can be a standalone I would suggest starting from the beginning or you’ll miss some good stuff. Glossy is in the back.

This is one of the best series I have come across. I love how each book has a buildup that gets better and better as you read.


  1. Okay, will now have to put this series on the TBR.

  2. This is on my TBR list. This book sounds really good but I'll take your advice and start from book 1. Nice review Laurie!


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