Thursday, August 11, 2011

Discussion of the month August 2012

This months event is called. Is it paranormal romance or urban fantasy? It will run Aug 25-28th. I thought we might kick it off as the discussion of the month. I know these two sub-genre runs really close together, so close that we may never get it all straight but for now I believe we can help each other in telling the telling the difference between them. 

 First and far most I am a romance reader. I have tried several urban fantasy series and I just can't hack them. There's is a few writers that have wowed me. One is Stacey Kennedy she writes a mixture of both and I really enjoy them. Then again she does focus a lot on the romance and that's why I can stand it. 

To me if a books main focus is a love affair between two people or in this case paranormal creatures with a Happy Ever After even if the setting is in an urban setting it's paranormal romance to me. 
For instance
Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark-Hunters series.
Lynsay Sands Aregneau series.
Pamela Palmer A Feral Warriors series. 
Thea Harrison The Elder Races series

Urban fantasy main focus is on one character and the story. 
Sometimes there can be sex or a coupling involved, BUT  the romance is not the main focus of the story. As a matter a fact there's a lot of people that does not like to read sex, so they go for this sub-genre to get a paranormal story in an urban setting without the sex or at least a lot of it.

Kim Harrison's Rachel Morgan novels

Night Huntress, a series by Jeaniene Frost with Cat and Bones
Charrline Harris Sookie Stackhouse series. 

As for Laurell K Hamilton. I have no clue where to put her. I think she just like to write to keep us scratching our heads on where to really put her LOL. 

You can also tell another difference. Paranormal romance's books usually have an ending with a couple getting a  Happy Ever After. Then the next book go's on to another couple. Where's to urban fantasy the main character keep on going like the energizer bunny. In some cases he or she will take on may partners during the series. 

This is my opinion on how I tell the difference. Now please share yous. 

Don't forget to stop in during the event so you can hear some authors POV on this. I have seen their post and they give out some awesome advice. 


  1. That is exactly how i would describe both Paranormal Romance & Urban Fantasy.

    Paranormal Romance - 1 book per 1 couple with a Happy Ever After
    Urban Fantasy - 1 main charactor through all the books in the series.

    I would say that laurell K Hamilton's Anita could be Urban Fantasy but i personally think it is Paranormal Horror.

    I love to read both genres although i have been leaning more towards Urban Fantasy at the moment.

    I have a problem describing Kelley Armstrong's series with it being multiple women charactors. Im confused on if to think of the series as Urban Fantasy?! The same could be said for Yasmine Galenorn charactors


  2. Great discussion. I myself like urban fantasy more than paranormal romance but I do follow Sherrilyn Kenyon, Kerrelyn Parks and Christine Warren, which I would say are definitely paranormal romance. I agree about Laurell Hamilton - hard to place her.

  3. This is an interesting discussion - thanks for posting.
    I also prefer the romantic aspects of paranormal books so lean toward PNR more than UF. Another factor for me is POV and most UF is first person which I find virtually impossible to read.
    Have a good weekend.

  4. Lauren- I forgot about the POV and I totally agree with you. I like getting both POV'S it just make the story all the more interesting and deeper for me.

  5. I like both. I prefer Urban Fantasy books with a STRONG romantic bent; for ex. Karen Marie Moning's fever series was definitely Urban Fantasy but there was definitely a love story. Vickki Petterson's Zodiack series same thing, strong urban fantasy but a love story that arc'd through it. Those are my favorites. I like Paranormal Romance if its done well, but sometimes I think the standard is set lower then it should be in this genre, for what gets published. A Great PNR is probably my favorite because to me they are so rare, the really great ones, it has everything I want in just the right amount. Much as I love UF sometimes there isn't enough love story (or any).


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