Monday, August 15, 2011

October's event is Paranormal romance characterfest. Runs 1-31st

October 1-31 is Paranormal Romance characterfest!

I hope your looking forward to October Paranormal romance characterfest. I know I am. As I’m getting these interviews in and reading them, I know you guys are going to have some awesome fun. I have a button on my sidebar if you like to add it to your blog for a reminder or to share with your followers.

How this is going to work? Each day there will be a different characters interview from the author. The author is also hosting a giveaway and they will have instructions on the interview on how their prizes can be shipped, so make sure you look carefully before entering.

I figured there would have been enough witches/warlocks and demons to fill a week but it didn’t happen so you find a couple of holes plugged in those weeks. Sorry. The shifters and vampires are fine. Also, I tried to get a different author for each day but that didn't happen either, there are two authors that are doubled up but they have different characters interview so you still get something different every day.

Here’s the line up:
Stacey Kennedy 1st
Leia Shaw 2nd
Karina Cooper 3rd
Rose Pressey 4th
Regan Hastings 5th
Gabrielle Basset 6th
Mysty Evens 7th
Mahalia Levey 8th
Felicity Heaton 9th
Brindle Chase 10th
Cynthia Eden 11th
Danielle Smith 12th
Ann Mayburn13th
S.K. Yule 14th
Dani Harper 15th
Sondrae Bennett 16th
Pamela Palmer 17th
Julie Benlfiled 18th
Juliana Stone 19th
Aimee Laine 20th
Trinity Blacio 21st
Arial Burnz 22nd
Bree Young 23rd
Liz Strange 24th
Gabrielle Bisset 25th
Felicity Heaton 26th
Alex Severin 27th
Linda Hilburn 28th
Eve Langlais 29th
Jess MaCallan 30th
Tina Folsom 31st


  1. Sounds like a real treat of a time - will try to attend and wont bring any tricks :) just loads of good fun.

  2. I don't know how I can put this on FB, but I just might change my profile pic to this!

  3. Can't wait! Posted it on my sidebar so more people could get a chance to hear about it!

  4. EKK LOVE the line up and I can't wait! Putting your button on my blog!

  5. Woo-hoo! Can't wait! Posting on my blog, website, Facebook, the whole shebang!

  6. Cannot wait this will be loads of fun! Already posted it on my blog(:

  7. What A way to get back into the game,,October is gonna be busy busy,,,I love,it,,I have the button and will post about it closer to time thanks for this opportunity..

  8. Man...wish I would have known of this earlier, would have loved to participate! Oh well....I'll be here reading:)
    Shifter Evolutions

  9. Cynthia Eden, yay! just made my day seeing that!

  10. Today is Oct. 8th and my it is only showing the first 6 interviews. Are the other published and I am not seeing them or will you catch up?

  11. Karin- I added yesterdays up there. The one today is the top post and will add it on top in the morning. Thanks for stopping in.

  12. Do me just one fav.....ROCKTOBERFEST my October with ROOOOOOOOOOOMANCE

  13. I wish I didn't miss so much of this. I have been sick for two weeks.

    I will try to enter any I see in the emails. =)


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