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Review Born of Blood and Retribution by Liz Strange

Title: Born of Blood and Retribution (Dark Kiss Trilogy #3)
Author: Liz Strange
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Format: eBook, 175 pgs
Release Date: July 26, 2011
Born of Blood and Retribution Book Cover
The world’s first vampire has come calling – and she isn’t happy.

After the brutal showdown with the Demarais and the reunion with Giovanni, Rachel is looking for nothing more than some peace and quiet. Harshika, the world’s first vampire, has other ideas. She's not pleased with the immortal race as a whole, finding them weak and too “human”. When called before her, the immortals are given an ultimatum: Submit to Harshika as her subjects or die.Now Rachel and
her old friends must join with new allies to discover Harshika’s weakness…hopefully in time to gain freedom for them all.

WARNING: Violence, sexual encounters with the undead.
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Rating -
a pack howl

Sexual -

My Review:

What a great story line! It reminds me a little bit of Anne Rice's Queen of the Damned with the first vampire making herself known to her "children" because she is unhappy with what some have done and must be punished (read: killed) while one stands out as an obsession with plans to keep that vampire as a 'pet' forever. As similar as the plots are, the stories are very different.

While this is not really a paranormal romance, it is a paranormal love story, actually a few love stories. The difference? The couples are already together when the story begin and their love is tested throughout all the drama. It is also the story of a young romance which is torn apart and turned into something very ugly by revenge, hatred and perceived betrayal.

There is a very brutal beating scene when Rachael does something to anger the 4000+ year old Harshika. Good thing she's a vampire or she would have never survived the first 5 minutes.

There are a few very violent forced sexual scenes but they are not too graphic in detail however the author is still able to successfully portray the emotional horror of the scenes. There is also a quick and light m/m scene.

This is the third in the Dark Kiss Trilogy but if you haven't read the rest of the series, you won't be lost. There are past events that are mentioned or explained as necessary but that just made me want to read the first two, not need to in order to understand what was going on here.

I enjoyed this story and I think fans of vampire, urban fantasy and even paranormal romance genres will like this.

Warning Spoiler Alert!!!
For paranormal romance fans, there is a HEA ending for several of the couples.


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