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Review of Dirty Valkyrie (Book #3) by R. M. Sotera

Title: Dirty Valkyrie (Book #3)
Author: R. M. Sotera
Source: Requested Review
Genre: Paranormal Erotica - Vampires and Immortals
Format: ebook - 94 pages
Release Date: 2/1/2011
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Brandi Lui has come to terms with her Valkyrie demi-goddess heritage and she's all right with it. But when it comes to falling in love, she's determined to have a man with a mortal pulse. That is until she re-unites with a Frenchmen from New Orleans with an appetite for everything Valkyrie.

Laurent Bovier, a breathtaking Master vampire, sets his sights on Brandi only to have his uncontrolled passion for her cause him problems. He commits the worst discretion known to the vampire community, taking the life of a Sire-Guardian's property. For his crime, the Sire-Guardian wants Laurent to kill Brandi. Will love conquer all or will an immortal hunger change their lives forever?


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Dirty Valkyie is the 3rd book in the series by R.M. Sotera that focuses on Laurent Bovier, a gorgeous French vampire living in New Orleans and Valkyrie demi-goddess Brandi Lui. Readers first met theses two in the previous books and although Jett and Sophia have important parts in this book the main focus is the growing passion that develops between Laurent and Brandi.

After the second book I truly wanted Laurent to find someone who would return the passion that he so much wanted to share with someone special. Luckily he didn't have to wait long as he found a special connection with Brandi who is Jett's sister. Now Brandi on the other hand has her own prejudice against vampires that she needs to overcome, but soon finds that she can't resist the growing charm of Laurent. Come on ladies who could resist a tall, dark, gorgeous vampire with a smooth French accent that makes everything that comes out of his mouth sound as smooth as velvet and make you melt from the heat behind it.

As Laurent tries to convince Brandi that he is the one who completes her, together along with Jett and Sophia, they continue their quest to try and save the world from evil being unleashed. As if that is not enough Laurent has to protect them from a menacing group of vampires who are intent to enacting their form of punishment. At one point in the story a major turning point occurs that changes the fate of two of the characters that will play a significant role in future books. All I will say is the way the book ends the reader is left wondering what now.


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  1. Sounds pretty cool, and hot. Aye a girls needs that. And a valkyrie and a vamp, nice


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