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Title: Siren Song
Author: Stephanie Draven
Source: Requested Review
Genre: Paranormal Romantic Suspense
Format: ebook - 75 pages
Release Date: 1/1/2011
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When Chloe Karras sings, she knows that no one can resist her sensual allure—except for the sexy naval officer seemingly immune to her voice. But Captain Alex Shore is just the man she wants to take home after her performance—until he tells her what she thought were imagined powers are real...and dangerous.
Alexandros knows firsthand how seductive sirens are, as well as their potential to destroy. Yet the former sea soldier feels a powerful attraction to the beautiful rock singer that goes beyond her spell. Can he banish Chloe from the town he's vowed to protect—or will he be drawn into the siren's bed?

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My Review:
I really enjoyed the flow of this story. I liked Chloe and Alexandro and thought that they worked pretty well together as a couple. I liked the paranormal aspect including her being a siren. The steamy scenes were very well written and had a nice little twist. It has a suspenseful plot due to some murders, and I thought the villain made sense. I was impressed that the story, as short as it was, covered so much ground in enough depth to make me care and fly through the pages to see what happened next. I also really liked Sophia. My one little issue was that the story was missing a tiny bit of the ending. We get some ideas, but don’t find out exactly how they end up addressing the villain. It wouldn’t have been an issue if she didn’t make me care so much about the characters! I’ll just assume my own happy ending - until I get lucky and the author writes a sequel!


  1. oh... sounds good. Thanks for the review!

  2. I find the Harlequin book are like crack - an addiction. Laurie laughs at me because I have to read one every fourth book or so. I just pluck one off of my TBR. Great review.

  3. I am really starting to dig the nocturne reads (I am reading one right now and it is pretty good)!

  4. Wow, I've never read a book about a siren before. This one sounds good. Thanks for the great review


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