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Review of WILD OASIS by Casandra Pierce

Cassandra Pierce
Aspen Mountain Press
July 18, 2011
ISBN: 978-1-60168-423-1
Genre: M/M Paranormal Romance
Ebook, 146 pages
Publisher Requested Review
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After ending his first serious relationship with a man, Jonathan Blake heads for Oasis, a desert community where he can start a new life. There, he is strongly attracted to his sexy but secretive new neighbor. To his surprise, Lynch seems to return his interest, but flees or shuts down emotionally whenever they begin to get close. To complicate matters, his ex-lover, Dominic, soon shows up and tries to rekindle their romance.

Meanwhile, Lynch is struggling with a unique dilemma of his own. Not only is someone he can't identify trying to kidnap or kill him, but the full moon is looming. He's afraid that if he gives in to his attraction toward Jonathan, the results may be tragic.

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The characters are all one dimensional and I knew what to expect from them. No surprises here. Jonathan: ‘O, woe is me. Everybody hates me, I’m gonna eat some worms’. Lynch: Continuingly running and hiding from his problems. Wants someone to chase after him and make it all go away. Dominic: The arrogant and beautiful ‘no one can refuse me’ vampire. Although, he did have the best lines:

Believe it or not, Brent was the one who brought me to my senses. He’s a pretty package, but he can’t compare to you. Just like some mangy shapeshifter can’t compare to me. True, you might wake up after a night with me and find a couple of puncture wounds in sensitive places. Wake up after a night with him, and you might find yourself infested with fleas.

This WILD OASIS felt more like a dry mirage. It was never explained why the relationship didn’t work out between Jonathan and Dominic. When the posse from the condo, Wild Oasis, went to The Club, I never understood the reasoning behind ‘the curtain’. The intrigue behind the kidnapping of Lynch is thin – very thin. What I missed the most while reading this was passion: No snap, crackle, pop, heat, sizzle, burn. More like a flatline -----------------

Reading the book blurb, I had a suspicion this was a paranormal romance. No matter, the paranormal aspect is just about nil and way too tame for an M/M paranormal romance. Yes, there are numerous erotic events, including anal penetration, but I didn’t feel any emotional connection between the characters. It was more like friends with benefits. *looking at watch* “Done yet? I’m Oscar Mike!”

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