Saturday, September 24, 2011

Review The Calling by Ashley Lynn Willis

Title: The Calling
Author: Ashley Lynn Willis
Source: Requested Review
Genre: Paranormal erotica romance
Format: ebook; 360 pages
Release Date: October 2011

Mandy Hardy lost more than a breast to cancer; she lost her fiancé when he dumped her a week before her mastectomy. Her ego bruised and her self-esteem battered, Mandy’s sure she’ll never fall in love again.

Justin Seward is a headstrong Coast Guard Rescue Swimmer with a heart of gold and the supernatural ability to command the seas. He had to hide his feelings while Mandy was engaged to his best friend. Now that she’s free, he’s vowed to make her his.

Together, they may hold the key to each other’s salvation. But when Justin’s past catches up with him, and Mandy’s ex-fiancé wants vengeance, they realize they might not live long enough for happily ever after. The Calling is a 360 page paranormal romance to be released October 2011.



My review:

What woman wouldn't want a hero in their life? What about one who just happens to have supernatural powers? We first meet Justin in this story doing what he does best, being a hero. This very act brings him back into Mandy's life after almost a year; within that year she went through something that every woman fears: being diagnosed with breast cancer and having a mastectomy. Having her heart ripped out just before the surgery happens, Mandy has retreated from just about everything, including Justin.

One of the things I liked about this book was how soft it was. Many paranormal romances hit you fast and hard with some sort of supernatural dilemma that our hero and heroine must face together. It's during that dilemma that we see them fall in love and navigate their romance while solving the supernatural mystery or battle something "evil". With this book, we watch a friendship rekindled and blossom into a romance, with Justin's abilities being the potential obstacle in their lives. Will love conquer?

The only way to find out is to get this book when it is released to find out. You won't be disappointed. I know a story has me engrossed when I feel the pain of the characters during low points, I smile when something wonderful happens or I want to cry when something breaks the characters' hearts. With that being said, this book broke my heart, lifted me up and made me laugh. It's definitely worth the read.


  1. Thank you Midalah for your kind words. I'm thrilled that you enjoyed reading The Calling because I enjoyed every second of writing it. :)I hope you and everyone on Bitten by Paranormal Romance is having a great weekend!

  2. Looks good, it's on my to-read list!

  3. It looks great! I can't wait to read it! Love the guy's back on the cover. Super sexy.


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