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REVIEW: Child of War-A God is Born (Of War #2) by Lisa Beth Darling

Child of War – A God is Born (Of War #2)
Lisa Beth Darling

Paranormal Romance / Erotica / Fantasy
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"Child of War – A God is Born" has it all and more.

The "Of War"-series picks up in part I of this II-part sequel when Ares and Alena try to settle down on Olympus and wait for the birth of their son.

Have you ever met Damien? Raven makes him look like an angel. This new little god causes trouble before he is even born.

Haunted by prophetic visions along with a body and mind that are starting to betray her, Alena struggles hard to enjoy what should be a happy and blessed occasion. The relentless hostility from the other Olympians make her yearn to be back on their cozy island home, far away from all the bickering and backstabbing that makes up Life on mighty Mount Olympus.

Knowing of Zeus' unabashed hatred for Alena and the Celts, Ares becomes convinced Zeus is causing these visions and the breakdown of Alena's mind. To appease his Father, the God of Gods, Ares enters into a wicked blood pact ensuring the safety of his wife and unborn son. A pact that could cost the God of War everything he holds dear.

However, once the boy arrives, it quickly becomes clear Raven may be the most powerful and cunning Olympian ever born. Outwardly despised by Zeus for his Fey blood and his filthy Celtic mother the seeds of rage and doubt are planted in the Raven's mind by a very willing Apollo.

As Zeus, Apollo, and Aphrodite plot against the new family, bit by bit the true pasts of the Olympians and Celts comes to light, the battle begins for Raven’s mind and soul and for the ultimate control of Olympus.




WOW! WOW! WOW! This second installment to the “Of War” series is absolutely brilliant and creatively written. The story captivated me from the first page not with just the smooth writing style but with how visualized the characters came alive on the page. I felt like I was literally there experiencing every action and emotion right along with them. Lisa Darling has definitely weaved and defined a more humanistic world around these Mythical Gods. She has captured an unimagined life style into how and why these gods and the paranormal creatures such as the Fae/Fey exist.

The story is full of action and emotions such as jealousy, hatred, love, lust, revengefulness, and conniving deceptions along with lots of WTF moments. I can definitely say I have a new outlook towards Zeus, Apollo, Aphrodite, Ares, Eros, Poseidon, Hades, and Athena. Their characters are literally selfish and gluttony-priggishly gross when it comes to mannerisms in eating.

The love between Alena and Ares is definitely tested as Zeus, Aphrodite, and Apollo weave their conniving schemes to rid Alena and her half-breed son Raven. I developed hatred towards Aphrodite and just wanted to reach out, slap her and ring her neck. The erotic scenes in this book are very explicit, shocking at times, and sensual at other times. The story consists of and or has exposure of Rape, bondage, ménage, anal sex, sex toys, and orgies.

Alena and Ares son Raven will totally blow your mind. At sometimes he was cute and had me laughing and at other times I wish I could of reached within the book and beat the crap out of him because of the evilness and cruelty in his personality – definitely a Wolf in Sheep Clothing!

The ending left me in shock as the cliff hanger made me realized how addicted I have become of this series and now I will be jonesing until January 2012 when the 3rd installment in this series “Child of War – Rising Son” comes out. Overall, the entire story was very enjoyable and interesting. I highly recommend this to all mythology lovers.


  1. Great review, I'm itching to read it now :)

  2. i can say i like the site it self and then the book on the top and info is great that sound a good book to read i am on face book twitter and other stite

  3. Thanks Rhonda, great review! I love Greek Mythology and enjoy reading different authors ideas on it. Just added the "Of War" series to my TBR pile.


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