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Review of Dreams of Wolf (Half-breed Shifters, #2) by Miranda Stowe

Title: Dreams of Wolf (Half-breed Shifters, #2)
Author: Miranda Stowe
Source: Requested Review
Genre: Paranormal Erotic Romance - Shifters
Format: ebook
Release Date: August 3, 2011
Author's Website

Nanny, Jaycee Roland, would die for her three wards. So when a massive wolf appears in their backyard, she instantly places her own body between them and the threat of danger. But the oddest thing happens next. Instead of attacking, the wolf merely watches her a moment before turning and jogging off.

From then on, she swears the animal stalks her, following her everywhere. And worse yet, it steals into her dreams—crazy, erotic dreams where the wolf comes into her room at night, shifts into a man calling himself Knox, and takes her in ways she never dreamed imaginable.


Rating -


Sexual -


My Review -

This is a paranormal erotic novel in the true sense from the get go. The focus from beginning to end is the driving passion of the two leading characters. Don't expect a compelling storyline with lots of intrigue or mystery, but what is presented is a tender story of love, acceptance and loyalty.

Knox is forced to live in isolation from others because of what he is until he confronts a female human who touch his soul.

Jaycee has had her heart broken in the past and feels that there is no one she can pour her heart and soul into only the 3 beautiful children that she has been a nanny to during the first six years of their lives and treasures as her own.

It is not until one day Knox comes along and senses children playing in the backyard and wants to investigate that he encounters a human female fighting him off in wolf form to protect the children that captivates him.

Knox finds he can't stay away from her and manages to fulfill Jaycee's wildest and erotic dreams in more ways then one. Jaycee finds herself falling in love with her dream lover and wishing he was real and Knox wishing he could be her reality. These two really burn up the pages during their escapades which will satisfy paranormal erotic fans.

In the end this was a warming story of two people who have been abandoned by people in their lives and find love and acceptance in the most unusual way.



  1. This one sounds awesome. I am going to have go over and check out the series :) Thanks for sharing today.

  2. Well I went over to Amazon and cannot find it, will have to check later :)


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