Sunday, September 25, 2011

Review Of "Spencer" By Kathi S. Barton

Author: Kathi S. Barton
Genre: Erotic Suspense
Format: ebook - 245 pages
Release Date: 8/22/11
Author's Website

Caitlynne O’Malley is a great detective in Chicago .And a clean one. But her partner wasn’t and nearly killed her because of it. So she goes home to recuperate and to stay with her beloved Uncle and Aunt in Ohio. While there she has to save little Meggie Grant from certain death from a speeding truck, and Cait ends up hurting herself again. When she ends up at the hospital from her injuries she meets Meggie’s daddy, Spencer Grant. And the sparks immediately start to fly. Spencer has a home with his little girl, a wonderful intrusive family that he loves, and a job that makes him happy. Not only is he not intimidated by the gun toting cop, he finds himself oddly attracted to the beautiful woman. But Cait has vowed to never let herself fall in love. But when she is being hunted, her family makes a choice – live or die to protect Caddy-did and the little girl they've grown to love too. When Meggie is taken, Cait only has one chance to save her for Spencer, get her back to him at any cost. Cait has made a promise and is determined to keep it. Even at the cost of everything she loves. O'Malley has a love that defies everything. But is it enough? Meggie loves the hard-hearted woman, but can Cait love her in return?

I really enjoyed this story. It kept me on the edge of my seat, and I had no idea of what was going to happen next. I loved both of the characters, and although I usually don’t care for children in my stories, I thought the daughter was a great addition to this one. Cait is a great character. She is a cop through and through. She’s honest, straight-forward, and sexy. I loved Spencer and thought he was also a well-developed character. He was smoking hot, a great Dad, and very thoughtful. Outside of one really stupid moment, which almost seemed out of character for Spencer, I thought the two of them had a great relationship. There was a lot to the plot, but it wasn’t confusing at all. This is not a light suspense novel, but instead has some brutal moments and is a bit on the dark side.

I must mention that I also read the first two books in this series about Nickolas and Devin. I don’t think you need to read them in order to read the 3rd book in the series. The reason I personally can’t recommend them is due to the level and type of violence, including the rape and significant abuse of small children and women, and the lack of romance.


  1. Great ratings & a hot cover! This ones is going on my list! Thanks for the warning about books one and two. They sound like books I would not have enjoyed.

  2. This sounds like a fantastic read though I don't get the cover at all!


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