Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Review Pirate's Treasure by Sarah Barimen

Review Pirate's Treasure
Author Sarah Barimen
Source:  purchased
Genre: Historical romance
Length: Novella    
Miriam Van Vorce, traveling with her older sister to a new life on a Caribbean island, makes the trade of a lifetime when her ship is looted and burned by pirates: she gives her own virtue in exchange for her sister’s safe delivery to her betrothed for a wealthy arranged marriage.

She believes she has sacrificed any hope of happiness of her own, and she is resigned, but in reality she will gain far more than she ever dreamed: love, ecstasy, and a richly independent life of her own.

Content: Erotic Romance
This title contains explicit language, multiple partners, voyeurism, and graphic sex

Pirates are always seeking gold for treasure but there are times when they find a different treasure. You don’t get much of a storyline but you get some wicked pirate sex. You’ll find a woman willing to save her sister virtue by throwing herself at a pirate. He of course then shares her with his first mate but they don’t share at the same time. You also get some voyeurism thawed in the mix. Now you’ll have to read and find out if this woman can change a pirates ways and save her sisters virtue along the way.

I did wish this would have been longer and I wish this wasn’t written in first persons POV. I would have given anything to find out what was going on in the pirates head.

This is the first published work for this author and I will definitely  be reading more from her.

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