Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Review Seared By Desire by Jennifer T. Alli

Title: Seared By Desire
Author: Jennifer T. Alli
Source: Author Request
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Format: ebook-279 pages

A cold heart…
For centuries Lucian has battled on two fronts. Defeating the Malachites, all that stand between him and becoming King of the vampires and the demon within himself, battling desperately for release. His attention stretched thin he has no time for women but Sara, his fiery bride won’t be denied.

A burning touch…
With a deadly curse hanging over her head, Sara knows her time is short. Placing her life in Lucian's hands is a risk she knows she must take and one her innocent heart gladly makes for Lucian makes her body burn and her soul fly.

Never had hot and cold reacted so combustively.
Sara’s presence pushes Lucian to the brink of madness, her nearness making him crazed with the need for her blood. Though his fangs ache with longing, to bite her could condemn them both but the attraction between them is too strong to be denied. As they race headlong towards a fiery conclusion will they emerge unscathed to will the flames of desire consume them both?



My Review:

-->Sara is a fire elemental whose body also houses the spirit of the fire element, Seraphina.  She is desperate to not be used as a tool of destruction by her village and to prevent the spirit from killing her. She flees to find the one who can save her. Lucian is the oldest vampire alive and is shocked to come across his bride.  He’s even more shocked when she forces her way into his world and demands his touch while agreeing to help his army in their fight.

I really enjoyed this story.  Sara was a fantastic heroine.  She was smart, rational and actually thought things through.  It was so refreshing to see a female lead who could stand on her own to feet from the start and earned respect from her actions.  Sara was a female character to be proud of. 

Lucian may have been Lord of the vampires but learns quickly he can’t, nor does he want, to change or control Sara.  He respects her compassion and inner strength and loves her all the more for it.  I liked that he gave Sara the chance to decide the fate of the ones who wronged her the most, when he could have easily disposed of them himself.  I look forward to more by this author. 


  1. Okay you have me intrigued and I will be looking this one up. Thank you for sharing today.


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