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October's Paranormal romance characterfest with Gabirelle Bisset

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Interview with Amon Kalins and Thea Forester from Destiny Redeemed

Gabrielle:  Good morning.  I’m Gabrielle Bisset and today I’m here with Amon Kalins from Stolen Destiny and now Destiny Redeemed and a very special guest, his destined one, Thea.  Welcome, Amon and Thea.

Amon:  Gabrielle, it’s nice to be here.  So I’m here on witch week.  That’s interesting. 

Thea:  Thanks for inviting me, Gabrielle.  (Turns to Amon)  You’re sort of a warlock type, honey.  You can do things that even other Aeveren can’t. (Amon winks and Thea smiles)  I didn’t mean like that, Amon.  I meant your powers.

Gabrielle:  Amon, why don’t you explain what your powers are.

Amon:  I’m a tempuster, which means I can manipulate time.  I can speed it up, slow it down, and even stop it.  I can also travel through time, in addition to being able to teleport in this time.  And I can manipulate people’s thoughts, but that power has always been the least powerful of all my abilities.

Gabrielle:  That’s an impressive set of powers.  And Thea, what’s your power?

Thea:  I’m afraid I’m not anywhere as exciting as Amon is.  I’m an Aeveren healer.

Amon:  Don’t let her humble act fool you.  Her power is just as impressive as all mine, even more since she does good with it.

Thea:  (leans over and kisses him)  I try, Gabrielle.  But I’m under the control of the Council, so I’m supposed to do what they tell me to do, and sometimes that means not healing people because the Council plans to punish them.  I hate that. 

Gabrielle:  Was there ever a time you didn’t do what the Council told you to do?

Thea:  (looks over at Amon)  Yes, when I met Amon.  They told all healers that we weren’t to help him in any way, but I did. 

Amon:  To be fair, she didn’t have a choice, Gabrielle.

Thea:  He’s right. Markku did kidnap me to help Amon, but I’m glad he did.  If he didn’t, we wouldn’t have met when we did. Who knows how long it would have taken for us to find one another.

Gabrielle:  So the whole kidnapping thing is ok, Thea? 

Thea:  I can’t tell you how many times my people have forced me to help them.  Being a healer is an often thankless job, and people don’t want to know that I have a private life outside of healing.

Amon:  They know now, whether they like it or not.  I’m not about to let my destined one get kidnapped or forced to do anything she doesn’t want to do.  Now they have to deal with me, and I’m nowhere as nice as Thea.

Gabrielle:  Have you had to deal with anything like that since you got together?

Amon:  Once or twice, but word got out quite quickly that I wasn’t going to tolerate that.

Gabrielle:  (smiles) I imagine when people see a six-and-a-half foot Aeveren male who’s built like he just spent a year in Nil coming at them, they think twice about what they had in mind.

Thea:  He is impressive, I admit.  I’m only about your size, Gabrielle, so you know that sometimes people take advantage of us.  But Amon only has to stand up and look at people and they seem to have a change of heart.

Gabrielle:  I can imagine.  So Amon, are you staying on the good side of the Council now?

Amon:  Good side?  I haven’t seen a good side to the Council.

Gabrielle:  You know, not disobeying their edicts. 

Amon:  Let’s say they respect me and I don’t think about them. 

Gabrielle:  How does that work when your destined one is someone who must work for them?

Amon:  They know their limits.  And if they ever forget, I’ll be happy to remind them.

Thea:  (takes his hand)  He’s not a big fan of the Council, Gabrielle.  But they’ve respected my wishes to be a healer in Greece now that we live there, and there haven’t been too many times when I’ve had to do things I disagreed with. 

Amon:  (groans) They’re a hassle for her on the best days. 

Thea:  This is what you get when your destined one is a healer. 

Gabrielle:  It seems that destiny is even more powerful than the Council, Amon. 

Amon:  I never doubt destiny, Gabrielle.  When you’ve lived 47 lifetimes and had the experiences I’ve had, you thank destiny every day. 

Gabrielle:  Tell everyone about some of those lifetimes. 

Amon:  I’ve been everything from a simple Greek fisherman to a Viking to a farmer living in the Roman Empire.  Some lifetimes are more exciting than others, but I find ways to make it interesting.

Gabrielle:  (smiles) I can see you as a Viking.  

Amon:  Keep in mind this is how I look only in this lifetime.  I’ve looked very different in all my other lifetimes.  Aztecs don’t look stand 6’6” and have blond hair. Either do Greek fishermen.

Gabrielle:  True. That leads me to my next question. Since you’re destined for each other, how will you find one another in your next lifetime? 

Thea:  Well, we only each have three left, and if we’re in the same lifetime together, then we’ll know.  I have to admit, Amon’s the only destined one I’ve ever had, but I remember all my mothers saying that deep inside, you know as soon as you’re old enough to comprehend it that there’s another soul somewhere in the world meant to be with you. 

Amon:  You just know.  We remember our past lifetimes, so you feel it inside that the person you’re meant to be with is out there.  Sometimes destiny is good to you and makes finding your destined one easy.  Other times, she makes life a little harder for you and you have to work to find the person meant for you.

Gabrielle:  But there’s a chance that you may never again be in the same lifetime together and this could be your only lifetime together?

Thea:  Yes, I’m afraid that’s true. 

Amon:  I have faith in destiny, though.  She’s never been heartless to me in all my lifetimes, even though I’ve been a prick in most of them.  I can’t imagine her being so cruel as to give Thea a destined one and then never let her be with that person again.  If she doesn’t decide to punish me for all the things I’ve done in 47 lifetimes, then I think there’s a good chance we’ll be together again. 

Gabrielle:  Ok, here are some more questions, some of them a little quirky. What’s your favorite food?

Thea:  Pizza!  I just love pizza.

Amon:  I’m more a meat man, so a great steak would be my favorite food.

Gabrielle:  What are your vitals?

Thea:  5’6”, blond hair, blue eyes, and we won’t go into weight, I hope. 

Amon:  (cocks one eyebrow) Is this like Playboy?  Do you plan on asking me my turn ons and turn offs next?

Gabrielle:  Yes, but first give me your vitals.

Amon:  (scowls) 6’6”, 230 lbs., blond hair, blue eyes.

Gabrielle:  And your turn ons and turn offs?

Thea:  Someone who makes me smile, our home in Greece, and intelligence.  Turn offs?  The Council, people who lie, and cold weather.

Amon:  Turn ons?  Long hair, a sexy voice, the way a woman smells when she wears a great perfume, and this black dress Thea wears that drives me out of my mind.  Turn offs?  Questions about my turn ons and turn offs, know-it-alls, and ignorance.

Gabrielle:  Ok, one last question.

Amon:  Boxer briefs, but I prefer commando.

Gabrielle:  (blushes)  That wasn’t the question, but I’m sure readers won’t mind thinking of you going commando, Amon.  What I was going to ask is do you ever wish you were someone else? Thea, you first.

Thea:  No.  Even with all those lifetimes alone, I still wouldn’t want to be anyone but who I’ve always been—an Aeveren healer, first and foremost.

Amon:  No. I am who I am.  I’m a better person now, but even at my worst, I’m still at my core the man destiny intended me to be.  That I’m powerful is just how she wants me. What I do with that power is another story.

Gabrielle:  Thank you both of you for sitting down and talking to me today.  It’s been a pleasure.

Thea:  Thank you, Gabrielle.  It’s so nice to see you again.  When are you going to visit us like you promised?

Amon:  My pleasure.  And anytime you want to visit, just let me know.  I’ll have you there in no time. 

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