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October's Paranormal romance characterfest with Ann Mayburn and giveaway !

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Interview with by Ann Mayburn

Hell~ 1641

Dressed in my most conservative gown, I try to appear calm and rational in the face of one of the most handsome men I’ve ever seen, mortal or demon. My pitiful attempt at appearing unaffected by him fails miserably as he undoubtedly catches the scent of my arousal. Striving to regain the upper hand, I flip unroll the parchment and read the same greeting I’ve read at least a million times before. “Thank you so much for agreeing to meet with me, General Raum. As you know High King Satan has charged me with the privilege doing a complete census of Hell and after three hundred and eighty five years we’re proud to have finally reached your region.”

Raum’s full lips quirk into a smile that makes me want to toss my dress over my head and bend over the chair while shouting ‘Take me now!’. His voice caressed over mine like silk as he murmured, “I’ve never met anyone whose punishment in Hell included doing an utterly boring census for all eternity.”

I bristle at his obvious smirk and straighten my shoulders, wishing I had spent more time on my hair this morning. “I’ll have you know that-“

He leaned forward, cutting me off as his hands grasped together with his silver claws gleaming. “I’m sure this is all fascinating, but if we could get on with it I do have other duties to attend to other than humoring a damned soul...even if you do have a lovely set of tits.”

My cheeks heat with a flush and I return my gaze to paper on my lap, refusing to feed him anymore lust. “What do you do for a living?”

He gives me a droll look and says, “I’m one of the Generals in service to Asmodeus, High Prince of Hell and Keeper of the Deadly Sin, Lust.”

“Who are your parents?”

A hint of fang shows as he smiles and I shiver. “My mother is a succubus and my father is the High Prince, Lucifer.”

Succubus, didn’t that figure. I wonder if he’ll haunt my dreams tonight or if it will just be my own wishful thinking. “What is your birth order? Do you have any living siblings?”

He leans back into his chair, the black and silver dragon skin molding to his hard body like shinning paint. I make a mental note to wear a chastity belt during any future interviews with the denizens of Lust. “I’m the only child from the union between my mother and father. I have thirty nine half brothers and sisters, thirty eight from my mother’s side and one from my fathers.”

“What were three things you liked to do as a child?”

He gives me a bland look. “Seriously?”

I lift my chin and meet his gaze even as my nipples peak into aching points. “I did not write these questions, General, they come from the High King.”

“I liked women with full breasts, men with tight arses, and a hot mouth on my cock.” As I gape he gives me a wink filled with all the sin in the world. With a start I remember that a demons ‘childhood’ lasts three hundred years, well after they’re physically matured. At my glare he grins and says, “I was a precocious child.”
I somehow manage to keep my tone even as I ask the next question. “What makes you happy?”

He gestures to the room, a well appointed library in his country estate in Hell. “All that you see here, including my concubine, Kirin.” He looks over my shoulder and smiles. As I turn my head I catch a glimpse of a rugged man with curly dark hair and the hard features of a fighter. I recognize the Roman eagle tattoo on his forearm from my days as a mortal. Dressed only in a pair of dark leather pants he saunters into the room and my pulse races. His dark gaze rakes over me and I wet my suddenly dry lips.

Kirin leans against Raum’s chair, his hand stroking over Raum’s chest with a languid caress. “What do we have here, Master?”

“A poor damned soul doomed to asking the most asinine questions for all of eternity.”
My hands shake as I grip the questionnaire tightly while trying to keep from hurling it at their heads. “Just because I’m not a solider or a wizard doesn’t mean my job isn’t important. I enjoy serving the High King and even though you think it’s foolish, by doing his work I know I’m doing my own small part to make Hell a better place.”

Raum tilted his head and looked at me with a flash of interest in his gaze for the first time since our meeting. “I’m sorry I offended you.”

Slightly mollified I let out a deep breath. “Can we continue please?”



Raum tugs Kirin down by his curls and whispers something in his ear. The sight of those two men, wrapped together in such an intimate embrace sets my blood and body on fire. They must have sensed it because a moment later Kirin gives me a smile that seems to send all the blood in my body pooling to my groin.
“You’re right, Master. We should apologies for being so rude.”

With a chuckle that sounds more like a purr Raum stands from his chair with an elegant stretch, the blue sheen of his skin sparkling in the light coming through the window overlooking the rose garden. Kirin moves behind him and helps ease his tunic over his head, licking a path along the exposed skin, his pink tongue shocking against the pale blue flesh.

“What are you doing,” I manage to stammer out even as I sit on the very edge of my chair, straining with all my might to memorize this image forever.

“I’m going to show you what makes me happy.”

His words rush through my mind, a flurry of mental images in their wake. Full breasts like my own, a tight ass like Kirin’s and most of all the thought of wrapping my lips around his length, sharing that hard bulge in the General’s pants with his concubine. Their hands grasp me, strong and sure before lifting me from the chair and showing me a pleasure of such depth that I know understand why human’s sell their souls to the devil.

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