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October's Paranormal romance characterfest with S.K. Yule and giveaway !

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Hello. My name is Sarah, and I am a romance author. I write under the name S. K. Yule, and I would like to thank Laurie for inviting me here today.

I have written paranormal romance—vampire, shape shifter, demon and working on some ghost stuff as well. I have also written contemporary, historical and ménage romance/erotica.

My vampire series is called the Darkest series and so far has three books: Darkest Hours, Darkest Desires and Darkest Intentions. My lycan series as of today includes five novellas:  Lycan Lover, Lycan Lust, Lycan It, Lycan Heat and Lycan Vengeance. Other works by me include:  Three Lovers For Lucy, historical ménage; Demon Scorned, demon paranormal; Breaking The Cowboy, cowboy ménage; and Jericho’s Revenge, vampire paranormal.

I love the paranormal and would one day like to write a horror and/or mystery novel. Right now I’m working on the next installments in the Darkest and Lycan series.

Oh by the way, I’m giving away a copy of Demon Scorned and Lycan Vengeance.

Thank you all for stopping by. Now enough about me. Let’s get on to Dante.

S. K. Yule:  I finally got Dante to give me a few moments of his precious time. I mean the guy wouldn’t even exist without me, and he gives me trouble when I ask him for five minutes. Go figure. I guess one should never underestimate a demon.

Dante:  It’s nothing personal, babe. I’m busy. You know with that whole Hell and being Demon of Justice stuff?

S. K. Yule:  I think it’s more to do with getting Bianca in as many compromising positions as possible stuff. But really, Dante, you shouldn’t ignore my requests. If it wasn’t for me, you would have never met Bianca. And I don’t really care the way you smirk at me when I’m chastising you.

Dante:  Come on. You know you like it when I smirk. What was that you said to me one time? *snaps fingers* Oh yeah, something about it bringing my cute little dimples out. And you know me. I’d never turn down any position with Bianca. *wiggles eyebrows up and down*

S. K. Yule: *rolling my eyes and sighing*

Dante:  You know you love me, babe.

S. K. Yule:  Okay, so before Dante here decides to disappear on me again, let me see if I can get him to answer a few questions.

By the way, if you haven’t picked up Dante’s story yet—Demon Scorned—here’s a link to do so:

You can also find Demon Scorned on Amazon in Kindle format, Barnes & Noble in Nook format and and

For information on all of my current/upcoming releases and what’s happening visit:

S. K. Yule:  So let’s get on with it shall we?

Dante:  *smiles a devilishly wicked grin*

S. K. Yule:  What’s it like working for Hades?

Dante:  How does one explain what it’s like working for Hades? Hmmm, let’s see, it’s like hell. Oh wait, no it is hell—literally. He’s a pain in the ass, demanding and impossible.

S. K. Yule:  He’s kind of like you then?

Dante:  Really, must we hurt each other with words, darling? *gives a sardonic grin*

S. K. Yule: Maybe, but let’s move on. Do you like being a Demon of Justice?

Dante: As with any job it has its ups and downs. Do I like kicking demon ass? Yeah. Do I like being one of the only things on earth capable of killing another demon? Oh yeah. But in general, no I don’t care to kill my kind. *shrugs* Someone has to keep the ones who don’t follow the rules in line though. Why not me?

S. K. Yule:  You met Bianca in Demon Scorned. Tell us a little about her.

Dante:  *grins another devilish smile* What is there to tell? She’s gorgeous. She’s smart, sexy, and the best thing of all? She’s mine.

S. K. Yule:  So you only like her for her body?

Dante:  Now don’t go twisting my words around, babe. I just like her more because of her body. And believe me when I say she holds it against me a lot.

S. K. Yule:  Oh brother. Typical male. What would you say if she said you were hers?

Dante:  I’d say, damn straight.

S. K. Yule:  Okay, okay. So it goes both ways. Maybe you aren’t quite as sexist as I thought.

Dante: Well, it’s about time you gave me a compliment, sugar.

S. K. Yule:  Enough with the sugars and babes or I’ll write a nice little side story starring you with a rash or something.

Dante:  Now, now. You wouldn’t want me to tell all the nice people about all those late night dreams you had about me. I was there, remember?

S. K. Yule:  Don’t blackmail me, Dante. It isn’t nice, and I wasn’t kidding about giving you a serious rash in your nether regions if you don’t watch it.

Dante: If anyone knows I’m not nice, it’s you. *puts hands up in surrender when S. K. Yule glares at him* All right. I give, but time’s ticking away. I’ve got things to do, places to be, demons to kill. Let’s get on with this.

S. K. Yule:  How is Bianca treating you these days?

Dante:  Do you really want me to paint that picture for you? Let me just say she treats me—and my body—just fine. Of course, she has no complaints about how I treat her, or her body, either. But I wouldn’t want to brag on myself.

S. K. Yule:  No, of course you wouldn’t.

Dante:  Now who’s not being nice?

S. K. Yule:  *clears throat* There’s a part in your story where you and Bianca aren’t seeing eye to eye over you killing her brother. Tell us a little about that.

Dante: Seeing eye to eye is putting it mildly don’t you think? I won’t get into the reason why I was within my rights to kill Jacob, but Bianca knows it was a necessary thing.

S. K. Yule:  If you had the chance to do it all over, would you still kill him?

Dante: Yes. And Bianca knows this before you ask. Read the damn book again. Tell me if you think it was necessary. Now move on. I don’t like talking about it.

S. K. Yule:  Sorry, Dante, but we are trying to get a peek into your inner self and what makes you tick.

Dante: *grunts*

S. K. Yule:  You take an unexpected trip to hell in Demon Scorned. What was that like?

Dante: *raises one brow* Hot.

S. K. Yule: Okay, I’ll wrap this up then. How does it feel to be immortal?

Dante: How am I supposed to explain that to a human? Is it cool living for potentially forever? Yeah, I guess since I’ll be able to see—have seen—all the marvels of technology and history and all that crap. But if I hadn’t found Bianca, it would be a lonely existence. Being Demon of Justice isn’t a glamorous job. There’s a shit load of demons who’d love to get a hold of my ass and torture me. Maybe they couldn’t kill me, but they’d sure try to make me wish they could.

I guess the upside now is being with Bianca (Demon of Scorn) sure makes other demons think twice about messing with me. I mean, I’m a badass and all, but imagine if Bianca got a hold of you. Whew Wee. Now that’s a woman that means business. And don’t I know it. Remember, I was her prisoner for awhile, although I must confess, the masochist in me didn’t mind her disciplinary measures one little bit.

S. K. Yule:  *giggling* I think we get the picture. Thank you so much for finally stopping by and gracing me with a few moments of your precious time. You know, I do expect a call now and then.

Dante:  Yes, mother.

S. K. Yule:  *rolls eyes*

Giveaway today will be a pdf copy of Demon Scorned and Lycan Vengeance to one lucky commenter that leaves their email. So please feel free to pick Dante's brain LOL 


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