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October's Paranormal romance characterfest with Pamela Palmer and giveaway !

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Interview with the Feral Warrior, Tighe

Monique here, with my weekly Spotlight on the Enclaves column for the Club Alex News. It’s been ages since any of the Feral Warriors has visited the Alexandria Therian enclave, though we keep hearing of dangerous battles and harrowing escapes. So I thought it was time to find out what’s going on. I called Feral House yesterday and got a chance to talk to Tighe briefly. Tighe is such a sweetie! Too bad he’s a mated male, now, right ladies? Below is the text of our chat.

Me: Tighe! You and Hawke scared us to death. We thought you were lost for good in that spirit trap. Are you okay?

Tighe: Fine, Monique. Thank you. Actually, I’m better than fine. Delaney and I are going to have a son.

Me: I heard! That news spread like wildfire. Have you decided on his name?

Tighe: Not yet. Delaney is leaning toward Lars, which was my name before I was marked. But I’m leaning more toward a modern American name. Seems more fitting, although I don’t have a favorite at the moment. Jag wants us to name him Tigger. Jag will probably call him Tigger no matter what his name is. Could be worse.  

Me: What about Hawke? How’s he doing?

Tighe: Not as well as we’d like, Monique. Hawke was more severely affected by the trap than I was. Delaney kept me tethered to my animal. Hawke and his bird were nearly ripped apart and it’s causing…problems.

Me: I’m so sorry to hear that. Hawke’s a favorite of all the enclaves. Is there any sign of the new fox shifter? The men in the enclaves are driving us crazy asking, “Does that look like a feral mark to you?”

Tighe: Yeah, that happens every time a Feral dies, though word spreads so much faster now than it used to. You can let everyone know that we just got word that the new fox shifter has been found. His name is Maxim and he’ll be flying in from Poland any day now.

Me: Poland? Do any of you know him?

Tighe: No, not yet.

Me: So is it true what we’re hearing—that the Mage are trying to free Satanan and his horde from the Daemon blade?

Tighe: Yes, Monique, I’m afraid it’s true. But we’re doing our damndest to make sure they don’t succeed. We’ve seen wraith Daemons, seen what they can do, and we’ll die before we let those things terrorize the world again. I give you my word on that.

Me: I’m glad, but…that’s really scary, Tighe.

Tighe: The Ferals will handle it, Monique. We won’t let you down.

Me: You’ve never let us down, Tighe. We know you’ll be victorious.

Tighe: Monique, tell everyone hi, but I have to go. We’re about to head out draden hunting and I want to check on Delaney before I go.

Me: Thanks for talking with me, Tighe! Give Delaney my best and let Hawke know we’re all thinking of him.

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