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October's Paranormal romance characterfest with Trinity Blacio and giveaway !

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Cataclysmic Events Are Upon Us

First of Several Interviews by Leda Brandywine

Who, How, Where, When and What Are They?

Werewolf, Beast, and A Man of Legend: Alpha Leader, Remi LeBlathe
“Today I am interviewing Remi LeBlathe, one out of many special beings I will soon introduce to my public, too. Please have a seat, Mr. LeBlathe, and tell me a little bit about yourself,” I speak into the microphone. Next, I start the video camera, pointing to the chair across from me.

The brute of a man paces back and forth before he stops and turns his dark eyes on me. “Do you know how dangerous it is for you to be here right now? This was a stupid idea bringing in humans, exposing them to the danger around us.”

I tap my fingers on the arm of the chair and pray for patience. My gaze moves slowly up this fine piece of man meat before me. God I have to find a man. “I resent that, Mr. LeBlathe. For one, I’m not stupid, and two, I’m certainly capable of protecting myself. Plus I believe Lissa is right; if this war is going to happen what better way to prepare us humans with little interviews, introducing you to them.”

A smile forms on his handsome face, and a bad feeling shivers up my spine. Bones crunch, muscles stretch, fur replaces skin, and a very tall wolf-type beast stands in front of me. “Damn, you promised you would warn me before doing that.” I jump up and invade his personal space, knowing he wouldn’t dare touch me with his mate right outside the door, even though my hands shake.

Jaycee, his mate, has already threatened to neuter him if he doesn’t behave himself. The door behind him cracks open, and I hear the cussing. “Stupid, son of a bitch! Damn it, Remi, didn’t I tell you what would happen if you couldn’t behave?” The very pregnant woman inserts her body in front of mine, poking him in the chest, and then taps her foot. When done with her mini-assault on this monster before us,  Jaycee crosses her arms over her swollen belly and waits.

She glances back at me and winks. “When you edit the interview, you might want to make sure you didn’t catch any of his lower half in it. When his kind shifts, everything is exposed, and they are larger everywhere, if you get my drift.” Jaycee laughs and wiggles her eyebrows, her attention now on Remi’s neither region where my gaze soon follows, yum.

He snarls as he faces away from both of us while he shifts to a human again, all his clothes in place. His attention is once more back on us. Remi eyes shift to  a yellow tint, indicating the beast, then back to a white color on his irises, showing the human side of him. Remi runs his oversized hand over her swollen belly. “Hmm, no one will ever get close enough to my private areas except the ones I love, but…” He sighed. “It seems you just got banned from any activity tonight.”

Jaycee unfolds her arms, gawking at him. “You wouldn’t? It’s been three weeks, Remi!” Her voice cracks when he opens the door and Dane grabs Jaycee and pulls her into his arms.

Remi nods to Dane, who picks up Jaycee and carries her away. Once more Remi’s undivided attention is centered on me,  and the promise of retribution dances in his gaze.

I slowly back toward my chair shaking my head. “Don’t even look at me like that. I have nothing to do with the four of you. Now are we going to start the interview or what? I’ll even erase the last bit if it makes things better.”
The door slams shut by itself, and I swear someone just ran a finger down my cheek. I glance around and slump down in my chair. “Mr.”
“Remi ,please, since it’s obvious you will be staying for a while.” He leans over the chair in front of me, and his gaze holds mine captive until his words sunk in.

“What do you mean I’ll be staying here?” Damn my voice cracks.

“Leda, may I call you Leda?” he asks, his focus on something directly behind me. I search around me, but see nothing. “What are you looking at? And yes, you can call me Leda.”

Again I scan the room, and nothing. “Who’s in the room?” A warm, claw hand brushs against my neck, and I grab the armrest. “Would you please stop touching me!” I am beyond pissed now, and I know my face has blotchy red spots on it like it always does when I’m mad.

Remi nods to the invisible thing in the room. “This is our world also. Right now we are the only ones who can prevent it from being destroyed. We will fight to protect our rights along with the humans rights, but if a human cares to side with the dark side, myself and everyone around me will not hesitate to destroy that person.” He moves around the chair and sits in front of me. “In time you will meet all of us, but for now there are some who will stay hidden, because what your humans see, so will our enemy.”

The door opens and closes on its own. I jump and peek around the room again. “Is it that bad?” I shake my head at the wimpy sound of my voice.

He sits back and stretches his legs out before him. “You, of course, heard of the slaughter on lower Manhattan.”

I slump back in my chair. My mouth has to be hanging open, because everyone in the world knows of the slaughter there. Women, children and men dead, their limbs torn from their bodies, heads on pikes lining the streets. There were a few survivors, but they either couldn’t identify their attackers or they had been too terrified to say.

I nod, the room quiet. I’m afraid to move let alone to say anything as I watch Remi sigh and sit up in his chair, leaning his elbows on his knees as he captures my attention. “I’m not proud to say this, but there are signs that some of my kind, the shifters, and also that of the demon race committed that massacre. If the humans want to survive this war—and it will be a war—the lines have been drawn of evil against good. Potential survivors need to listen and listen wisely. All massive weapons are now gone from Earth. Mother Nature herself, along with other gods, has forbidden their use. They will not see this world destroyed. We fight with our minds and our bodies. We are in the process of setting up camps all around the world, and when the time is right, those who wish to fight will know where to go. That is the end of the interview for now, but…” Remi slowly cocks his head to the side and looks straight into the camara, his gaze that of a fighter. “Be prepared, the stuff of myth will not work against us. Silver bullets will only make our kind mad. Crosses do nothing to Vampires and the same with holy water. How will you be able to tell us apart from the evil ones? Easy, we won’t try and kill you; they won’t give you a warning because they just kill.”

The camera shuts off by itself, and Remi stands, refocusing on me. “As for your earlier question, you are our contact with the government representatives. Lissa has told us that you have access to the higher officials, so you will help us coordinate from here where you can be protected. We are in the process of setting up a pressroom just for you. You will have everything you need, from communications to access to satellites.  If there is something you need all you have to do is ask.”

Remi moves to the door, but stops and looks over his shoulder at me. “Do you have family? Are you married, kids?”

Every hair on my body stands up, my stomach drops to the floor ,and the room starts to spin, but I manage to squeak out a small response. “I have twin boys, who are with my mother. Their father died a year after they were born.” I met his reassuring gaze and knew this man and everyone in this huge complex would lay down their lives to protect me and my family.

He flings open the door. “Uryne!” A mammoth of a man, seven-foot tall with long, blond hair appears before him, frowning.

“You rang?” He crosses his arms over his chest.

Remi shook his head. “Lissa’s friend here has family out there. They need to be brought here now, before…”
“Before they find out about her being here.” His dark green eyes scan me for a minute. “Come, you can talk to Lissa while my warriors and I retrieve your family.” He holds out his hand, and I stand, but glance up at the camera.

“Don’t worry. I will leave everything here and no one will touch it, but you need to show Uryne where your mom is with your children, Leda. Our enemy won’t hesitate to kill them if we don’t bring them here where we can protect them.”

I nod. Suddenly, fear so strong rushs over me like a tidal wave. My legs and hands shake while I turn to see Lissa push her way into the room. “What? I can sense your fear, and it’s not like it was earlier.”
“Seth, Drake and Mom,” I whisper, the interview done and my life in ruins.

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  1. Great post!!! This is once again a new author for me and this sounds great. Thanks for taking the time to appear here today. I'd love to win.
    WildAboutBones {at} gmail {dot} com

  2. Remi sounds like an awesome character. Can't wait to check it out. Thanks for the chance.

  3. Remi sounds like an awesome character. Can't wait to check it out. Thanks for the chance.

  4. Is that an actual excerpt from the book? Cause that was awesome.

  5. New Author for me but i am super excited to check this book out!

    * How do you come up with your ideas? Are they based on real life things or are they all just imagination at work?

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  6. Great post...another new author for me, another great read. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  7. Thank you wild about bones. The interviewer will be in book six and book seven, which will be a big Christmas one that I'm working on now. I love writing this series I see at least four more coming out of it.

  8. Vanessa thank you.Remi is wonderful to work with and he will have a bigger role in the Christmas book (7) Coming up when his mate has her babies.


  9. Kainshotte, the interview per-say is not in the, but will be in book seven, along with the interviewer since that will be part of her book along with being the big Christmas book.

    Thanks Trinity

  10. kristina Parmenter most of my ideas come from my dreams. Sometimes when I'm just day dreaming too. It all depends. I'm glad you like. The Running In Fear series has been fun to write.
    thanks Trinity

  11. You are welcome Barbara!

  12. Thanks for putting me on to a new author. It's always nice to add to my list of good writers :D

  13. yey! new author with awesome books to devour! sign me up :)
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  14. I like Remi and I can sense the alpha in him. It's fun discovering new characters and authors.

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  15. Hello Na and yes he is an Alpha male all my men are. Love an Alpha male.


  16. I am sitting on pins and needles waiting for your next books to come out. I have read your books and storys a number of times.


  17. Well I have two coming out in the next three weeks hopefully. I'm hoping the Halloween one will be out this week!
    I'm working on one of my Christmas ones now the second book for The Naughty Angel and Her Three Very Wise Men.

  18. this is an awesome interview. I love Remi's alpha personality. This is one of my favorite series. I can't wait for the next book to come out.


  19. Thank you Unknown so much I have a good time writing them even though book six had me pulling my hair out.

  20. Wow, Leda is so calm. I think I would probably be shaking in my boots! Thanks for the giveaway.

  21. Is this book the first of a series?

    I enjoyed your blurb.

    dsadler53 at yahoo dot ca

  22. Hello Jen, no she was actually a friend of a vampire before the interview. :0
    And you are welcome.

  23. this is awesome, really enjoyed it. Can't wait to read. :}

  24. This was a wonderful post thank you.


  25. Diane no it's going to be part in the sixth and her story will be in the seventh one. The Christmas one (Leda). Remi is in all the books, but he is mostly in the first three books in the series.

    Marybelle thanks you.


  26. Okay folks give me till a few hours and I'll have your winner.


  27. Thanks for the excerpt! This book just got added to my wishlist!!

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  29. kristina Parmenter come on down! You are my winner! I have sent you a email just let me know which book you would like!
    Thank you everyone make sure to check my blog also, I have a few other blogs this Halloween where I will be offering prizes also.
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    Trinity Blacio

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    Trinity I have Book 6 being released 10/31/2011 with Ravenous Romance, is this correct?


  35. BLHmistress said...

    Hi, My question is if you had the opportunity to write with anyone who would that be?
    There are so many, but there are three that I would love to write with, Angela Knight, Laura Leigh, and Sherrilyn Kenyon that would be my dream.

  36. Book six is now with the editor so I'm hoping for release within the next two weeks. I know my halloween anthology should be out any day now.
    Thanks Trinity


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