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October's Paranormal romance characterfest with Eve Langlais and giveaway !

Welcome to Characterfest

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Interview with Muriel, Princess of Hell.

Interviewer: Hello and thank you for agreeing to meet us to talk about yourself and your new book.

Muriel: You mean find out secrets about my dad.

Interviewer : Okay maybe a few, but we truly do want to know about you. Tell us about yourself.

Muriel: Well, my full name is Satana Muriel Baphomet, but you can call me Muriel. Or bitch. Although, if you try the latter, be prepared to run because I don't particularly care for it.

Interviewer: Um, I think we'll stick with Muriel. Now, you are the daughter of Lucifer, Lord of Hell, correct?

Muriel: That's my daddy. But don't ask me about my mother. I'm not talking to her at the moment, stupid old bat
Interviewer: But, in your newest memoir, Hell's Revenge, don't you reunite?

Muriel : I said no questions about my mother. Let's stick to nice topics okay? Ones where you get to keep your head. I'd hate to have to clean off my sword again. It takes forever to get all the blood out.

Interviewer: Right, so, tell us about your bar, Nexus. I hear you've got a karaoke machine there now to entertain your supernatural patrons.

Muriel : Oh my freaking god, sorry uncle, what a bad idea that was. I mean, have you ever heard a demon sing Locomotion, or a coven of witches croon out of key? It's a good thing my presence nullifies small magics because I'd probably not even own a bar anymore. Once the wizards started making fun of the gnarly hags, the fireballs started flying until I showed up.

Interviewer: Sounds like fun.

Muriel: Not! But enough about work. Let's talk about the yummiest men alive.

Interviewer: You would be referring to Auric and David?

Muriel: Are you doing on purpose to ignore my newest addition? Just because he's sun challenged doesn't mean you shouldn't respect him.
Interviewer: I, um, that is I wasn't aware you'd added to your arrangement.

Muriel : Aha! I knew it. You didn't even read my latest biography. Just skimmed the blurb. Well, see if I give you any juicy details now.

Auric: Muri, behave yourself.

Muriel: Make me.

Auric: Not here.

Muriel : Spoilsport. I told you I didn't want to do this interview. They always make me look like a brat.

Auric: But you are a brat.

David : A cute one though. But seriously, Muri, if she's bugging you that much, I could eat her.

Muriel : You are so my favorite right now. I'll have a surprise for you later.

Interviewer : Um, maybe we should move on to your latest e-book release. Hell's Revenge.

Muriel: Oh, it's truly a kick ass story and all true, I know kind of an oxymoron considering my who my dad is hunh? It features, moi, the most kick ass princess Hell has ever known, and of course my delicious lovers.

David : I think the interview is over.
Interviewer: So is this the last of Muriel and her antics?

Satan: Ha. Only if Hell freezes Again. Trouble does have a way of finding her. Just a chip off the old block, she is. Now if only her brother Christopher would start following in her sinful steps.
Interviewer: She has a brother?

Satan: Who cares about the anti-christ? He's boring. Now you and me, along with a bottle of wine and--

: Lucifer!

Satan: Dammit, it's the old lady. I better go. I'll corrupt you later.

Interviewer : And that concludes my interview with Muriel, Princess Of Hell. Be sure to catch her adventures detailed in her memoirs, Lucifer's Daughter, Snowballs In Hell and Hell's Revenge.

Eve is giving away all three book in this series. You can pick PDF, epub or mobi. So please leave a comment or question along with an email


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