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Review And Giveaway of de Sang: Embrace Your Blood Lust by C.D. Hussey

Title: de Sang: Embrace Your Blood Lust (Human Vampire #2)
Author: C.D. Hussey
Source: Author Request
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Format: eBook, 152 pgs
Release Date: October 23, 2011
de Sang Book Cover

When the famous artist and self-proclaimed king of the Vampires, Lohr Varius, brings his collection to the gallery Kate Miller works at, he awakens a desire in her that has nothing to do with art and everything to do with Living Vampires. That desire leads her to underground blood bar, La Luxure, where she finds herself inexplicably drawn to the cocky bartender claiming to be the "real deal".

But it isn't long before she discovers not everyone is as they seem, and as the crimson-eyed bartender warns, not everyone is safe.

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Rating -
An Alpha Howl

Sexual -
Four Alarm Fire #@!%$

My Review:

This is the second in Hussey's 'paranormal but not supernatural' Human Vampires series. This sequel doesn't disappoint. The story and characters pull you in from the first paragraph. Those who read the first book, La Luxure, will recognize most of the characters here. If you didn't, don't be concerned, it is a totally stand alone story set in the same bar and locale.

Slade is the gorgeous and seriously built thirty-something bartender. He is tired of the singles scene and wants to find what Armand and Julia (bar owners and friends) have found - love and acceptance. Running the bar in Armand's absence, he doesn't have a chance to go out and find someone, he figures someone will just have to come to him there in the bar. When she does, he's blown away not only by her looks but by her feisty hellcat nature.

Kate is a young twenty-something lady a bit into the Goth scene who decides she wants to learn more about the Vampire subculture she's heard about. When she finds she is attracted to Slade, who she thinks is a playa, she is shocked at herself but she can't seem to stay away from him.

Lohr, a favorite artist of Kate's, is a painter and photographer enjoying moderate success and has declared himself the king of vampires. She is stunned when he comes onto her and is later creeped out by his attentions even though he seems to be her type - the opposite of Slade. Turns out she has reason to be wary of him.

The author says, "I look at La Luxure like you're viewing New Orleans and the [vampire subculture] through a tourist's eyes. And with de Sang, you already live there." While you certainly can read this book without having read the first one, I suggest reading the first one for the mystery and intrigue and stay awhile to read this second and get to know the characters and the subculture a little better.

The sexy scenes in this one are so hot, I think I saw steam coming out of my computer while I was reading it. There are a couple scenes in the bar, one on a motorcycle and when they get to the bed, oh my...

I fell in love with Slade in this story. And of course Armand from the first book is pretty awesome too. Hussey is able to draw you into the story and doesn't let you go until the end.

I was lucky to be on the editing team for this story and before you think that gave me undue bias for this story, check out my review of the first book which I read and reviewed.

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  1. Great review! Thanks for introducing me to another new author/series. This sounds like a really good one. I read the first chapters of each...and they left me wanting more. Slade described himself as a 'human live vampire'...hmmm, interesting. And Lohr...sounds, well...beautiful. Even the short story left me hungry for more! My TBR list grows by two!

  2. I would love to read it, it sounds so good.

  3. PNRs are the best. Looking for new authors to read all the time. Author's a definite for my TBR list.

  4. Enjoyed the review this looks an interesting series I will look forward to reading.

  5. I haven't heard of this author but this book sounds like something that I would really enjoy. Thanks for the chance.

    sariahwalters at gmail dot com

  6. This sounds like a new author I need to try!
    Thanks for the post and giveaway.
    musicalfrog at

  7. This looks like a great series! I had not heard of it before but I cant wait to read it! You had me at human vampire!!!


  8. Great giveaway:)
    I enjoyed reading the post.
    elliott2668(at) yahoo(dot) com

  9. How can you not enter to win book given an Alpha Howl review?

  10. i love the cover of de sang. it is gorgeous. human vampires - interesting. would love to start reading this series.

    witchvela at web dot de

  11. Thank you for introducing me to yet another new author (for me). I am excited to read the books now! I am putting them on the tbr pile! Thanks!!!


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