Thursday, October 27, 2011

Review The Breaker's Concubine by Ann Mayburn

Title: The Breaker's Concubine
Author: Ann Mayburn
Source: Requested Review
Genre: Erotic Sci-Fi Romance
Format: eBook, 126 pgs
Release Date: October 4, 2011
The Breaker's Concubine Book Cover

Prince Devnar of Jensia is goaded into raiding the wrong space ship, springing a trap that captures him for use as a Royal pleasure slave, a Concubine, on Kyrimia. He vows to do everything he can to escape and keep from forming a psychic bond with his captors that would render him absolutely and totally in love. This proves difficult to do when the female Breaker assigned to turn him into a Concubine, Melania, is the epitome of his perfect woman.

Melania has been raised and trained to help reluctant and abused Novices to break through their personal blocks and attain the ultimate prize of becoming a Concubine. When she is given Devnar to train, she finds herself in danger of doing the forbidden and falling in love with her Novice. This angry, scarred, and utterly seductive male tests her self-control like no other.

Devnar and Melania find themselves at the heart of a galaxy wide political battle that will test a love that they must not acknowledge, and cannot live without, to its very limits.

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Rating -
An Alpha Howl

Sexual -
Four Alarm Fire #@!%$

My Review:

Great characters, great story and steaming hot scenes fill the pages of this erotic Sci-Fi romance. And what a sexy cover — yum!

If you haven't read any of Ann Mayburn's stories, you are missing out on intriguing characters, great plots and usually some steamy scenes.

Prince Devnar Haylen is a Jensian ship's captain and warrior whose home planet is desperate for women since only one in 20 births is female, polygamy and bisexuality are the norm and nature has worked its magic so the men have evolved with some interesting erotic traits and soul bonds with mates. He's kidnapped while raiding a freighter which turns out to be a trap by a sadist to trap another female.

Melania Ophrim is a breaker — a trainer of of honored novices and concubines. It is forbidden to orgasm with those they train so she can get very sexually frustrated until she can spend "weeks in a sexual frenzy with willing males trying to soothe the need for release". Unfortunately, not only is she considered ugly by her planet's standards but her planet was almost destroyed by over population centuries ago so everyone but the upper class and royalty has been reversibly sterilized to prevent pregnancy. On her planet marriages are made for political gain and concubines are kept for love and children.

A good plot with great sex. A little bondage, a little M/M, two hot ménage à trois (M/F/M) scenes {fanning myself, trying to cool off} and some dominance and submission.

Those who aren't really into Sci-Fi will still like this because Mayburn does a good job of keeping the Sci-Fi as a background enhancement to the plot and not a major character in the story. Romance fans will enjoy this because even though there is a lot of steamy sex, it really has a romance. Erotic romance fans will enjoy this because there is a good plot to go along with all the steamy scenes.


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