Saturday, October 1, 2011

Review Lycan Vengeance by S.K. Yule

Title Lycan Vengeance
Author  S.K. Yule
Source Requested review
Genre: Paranormal romance- wolf
Length: Novella

Rose has spent the past ten years hunting lycans, but when she comes across Knox, his gentle, caring nature—something she thought shape shifters incapable of—is mind blowing.

Knox has waited many lonely years for his intended mate, and now that he’s found her, he plans to make her his. Her stunning beauty, strength and passion call to him, but he wonders if he’ll be able to crack the staggering wall of hatred for his kind she’s built around her heart.

Can Rose overcome the past and learn to love the one man who represents everything she despises?

Warning: Sexy, alpha, lycan male paired with vindictive, stunning, beauty may cause intense fantasies and hot flashes.

This is one of the best Novellas I have read by S.K. Yule. I love the way she went about coupling these two. It’s hard to bring two together when one has lost a friend in death by the other race but it made for a better read. See the cover yep, that really does look like Knox, you don’t find that much LOL. I am not going into the story because the blurb says enough. What I will say this is a hot read and a little emotional.

If you like a quick hot adventure you need to add this one on your list


  1. I can't wait to read this one. S.K. Yule is a talented writer. Putting it on my to-read list. And is the cover hot or what!!!


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