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Review Midnight Seduction-Man Love by Anna Keraleigh, et al.

Title: Midnight Seduction: Man Love Edition
Authors: Anna Keraleigh, Luxie Ryder, Avril Ashton, Kastil Eavenshade and Miho Li
Source: Requested Review
Genre: Erotic Paranormal Romance
Format: eNovella, 123 pgs
Release Date: October 17, 2011

Midnight Seduction: Man Love Book Cover

The Midnight Seduction: Manlove Edition makes for an erotic treat, especially for the five sexy beasts featured in our exclusive collection.

Follow the adventures of delicious, and darkly alluring vampires and werewolves as they find and seduce their mates. Fall under the spell of a male fairy who uses a music box to lure his lover with the promise of sinful play.

These titillating stories, written by five talented authors, are sure to keep you warm at night.

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My Review:

Really Good!!
As the title implies, this is an anthology of five paranormal M/M romance tales with vampires, werewolves, shifters and a fairy. I'll review each tale and give each one a separate rating for both content (1-5) and sexual heat level (1-4). Because of the M/M nature of the stories, this has the highest sexual rating (4 of 4) but in this case, I'll be giving a heat level within this highest sexual rating because not every one has the same steaminess.

MORE BAD THINGS by Luxie Ryder
Thirty-somethings Finn and his roommate Keisha are going to a True Blood themed Halloween costume party hosted by his ex. Turns out not only has his ex changed, but he still loves Finn. The story from Keisha's point view and her adventures is in the Midnight Seduction Anthology. 29 pages
Content - A Pack Howl (4) Heat - Steamy (2)

DULCE by Avril Ashton
Griffin, werewolf, walks into a strip club/bar and finds his mate (Dulce) but there are interesting times ahead as his mate is in denial and may be more alpha than he is. His "mate might be straight and he didn’t want to want" him. 24 pages
Content - An Alpha Howl (5) Heat - Four Alarm Fire #@!%$ (4)

SEXY BEAST by Anna Keraleigh
Declan, a Glatisant -- half leopard and half all kinds of other things, is shot at and his ear is nicked by some poachers. Rescued by the hot landowner, Erik, just before he passes out from blood loss and having to run from poachers and their bullets meaning he shifts from his animal form. 18 pages
Content - An Alpha Howl (5) Heat - Hot+ (3.5)

CLARET by Miho Li
On his way home, Toshi meets a twenty-something-looking guy, Aki, sitting along a trail. Aki's first words to him are, "Wow...You're really pretty." For some reason Toshi is strangely drawn to Aki even though he is acting very weird. 32 pages
Content - One Good Howl (3) Heat - Steamy (2)

DREAM WEAVER by Kastil Eavenshade
Colin finds a music box in Rosie’s Charmed Antiques which the owner assures him is "magical and enchanting, she’d promised it would give him his wildest desires." He thinks the thing he desires most is Justin, his gym partner who is happily married. Nice twist at the end. 17 pages
Content - One Good Howl (3) Heat - Four Alarm Fire #@!%$ (4)

This is a keeper to read over and over.



  1. Hi there, thank you so much for a wonderful review! I'm so glad you enjoyed our anthology. 5 howls for my story was an absolute treat! Thanks again.

    Have a naughty Halloween!
    Anna Keraleigh

  2. I enjoyed it so much I've put your other stories on my to-read list.
    I love anthologies because I get introduced to new (to me) authors I may have never found.

  3. Thank you for the awesome review. Glad you liked our stories :)

    Avril A


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