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Review of Blue Moon Trilogy: Book One Tala by Adrianna Morgan

Title: Blue Moon Trilogy: Book One Tala
Author: Adrianna Morgan http://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gif
Source: Requested Review
Genre: Paranormal Romance - Werewolves
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19 years after being viciously attacked on her birthday, Layla is leading a fairly normal life. She is in college and is about to graduate and start her new life. That is until she meets her new study partner who is more than he seems, an old guy who may know what happened to her mother 19 years ago and the Werewolf who tried to kill her. With the Blue Moon only a few months away, will she be able to channel her powers and fight or will she succumb to the darkness within her?


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My Review -

This is the first book in a series that focuses on a young woman discovering that she is part of a paranormal world she didn't believe existed and is now forced to be part of it in the most dangerous way.

Layla is a likable character and one that the reader will connect with especially upon learning about her difficult childhood and how she tries to overcome obstacles to make it on her own. That is until she meets a gorgeous looking guy who shows an interest in for more reasons then she is aware of at first. Despite Brett's mission to ensure Layla's safety Brett can't help falling for her and soon everything becomes more complicated.

There are several twists and turns as new enemies pop up and revelations about Layla's past plays a big part in her destiny. However, it is her destiny that some are determined to ensure does not get fulfilled.

Now there we some intimate moments but too few and they lacked the details to really classify this novel as an adult paranormal romance. The elements in the book made it seem more like an urban fantasy and due to the subtle references to the sex scenes, except for one, if felt more like it belonged in the YA categories (16 and over). This is not to take away from the characters and the story, just that it is not the the level I am accustomed to in order to rank it as an adult paranormal romance.

Overall it was an interesting read with mystery and intrigue to keep the reader wondering the importance of Layla and what the future holds for her.


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