Monday, October 31, 2011

Review of Lone Wolf by Elinor Carson

Title: Lone Wolf
Author: Elinor Carson
Source: Requested Review
Format: ebook - Werewolves
Release Date: October 2011
Author's Website

In a world where werewolves are being hunted to extinction, Jordana Brown has escaped such a fate by doing the unthinkable: living as a human. Though her life is built on lies and concealment, she’s convinced that she’s content.

That is, until another werewolf comes to town. Marcos Delgado stumbles upon Rocky Mount by chance after years of traveling. And as soon as he sees the beautiful Jordana, he knows he must have her. Unfortunately, they’ll both need to figure out a solution—fast—when the humans get closer and closer to their true identities.


Rating -


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My Review -

Lone Wolf is a short novella that deals with a female werewolf trying to make it on her own in the human world, always cautious not to get discovered for what she is until a chance meeting with another lone wolf turns her world upside down.

Jordana left her family and her pack because she couldn't allow herself to follow her controlling father whom she felt was leading her family to doom. She vowed never to be controlled by another again and years later she has managed to have a life of her own where she is content amidst humans, that is until one day she runs into a lone wolf passing through town.

Marcos is a stranger just passing through town until he catches the scent of an female werewolf. It catches him off guard as he has been alone for so long and seeing how beautiful and captivating Jordana is he can't resist her. He is set on making her his.

Jordana tries to resist Marcos but how can she when Marcos is so damn sexy and wakes every cell in her body. Unfortunately they find themselves in the middle of human paranoia over werewolves as a hunting group is on the hunt for werewolves and if they are not careful their world can come crashing down on them and tear them apart.

This is a short, sweet read about two outsiders, loners finding each other and trying to see if they can make a life together among humans or a on the run and free.


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