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Review Spellbound - Legend by Claudy Conn

Title: Spellbound - Legend (Legend #1)
Author: Claudy Conn
Genre: Paranormal Fantasy Romance
Format: eBook, 413 pgs
Release Date: December 1, 2010
Spellbound - Legend Book Cover

Maxine Reigate faces danger everywhere she turns. An evil and ancient beauty wants her dead – and Maxie needs to keep her at bay.

Dark and monstrous Fae are slipping into the human Realm and causing havoc. Maxie has to be instrumental in stopping them and keeping the FaeWall in place.
Confusing these matters more are two men who have entered her life. Julian, the moody High Druid Priest awakened after a two hundred year coma, and the Fae Prince who wants her for his own. She has decisions to make...

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Rating -
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Sexual -

My Review:

It pulled me in from the first page. Claudy Conn has created a world of Fae and Earth where the Druids still have descendants working with the Fae. This is the first in Conn's Legend series where Fae, Dark Fae, Druids and 'vampire-like' creatures are out to protect, feed upon or ruthlessly rule over humans.

What would you do; how would you feel as a modern young woman of twenty-one, who, while you do have visions, thinks of yourself as a normal young woman, albeit with no love life to speak of, and then you're told some kind of mythical creature is out to get you? Well that's what Maxie is dealing with.

Maxie has visions and a legacy from 1814 hanging over her head, "Druids, Fae, and an evil vampire-type woman" as she thinks of it and now the "evil vampire-type woman" is going to be coming after her?

Julian Talbot’s been in a coma in Faery for the last 200 yrs since almost being turned into a blood sucking nightmare. Now he's cured and back in the present to kill Lamia before she can get to Maxine. He is stunned at how much she looks like his bride also killed by Lamia. Max is having a hard time with keeping her mind off the surly but sexy man who loved her namesake back in his time. Especially when she's had a crush on a painting of him hanging in her parent's home since her teens.

Breslyn, Fae prince and warrior, comes from the Fae realm to help Max. He calls her Lia, is gorgeous and "pure, primal sex" Although she is very attracted to him, Max knows he's Fae and will live virtually forever. She is continually reminded of the futility of getting into a relationship with him when he just poofs in and out all the time.

There is a lot of hot chemistry between Max and the two men even though Julian keeps putting out mixed signals. He pushes her away and then is very jealous when Breslyn pays special attention to her. And Bres does know how to treat a lady like she's the only thing that matters to him.

This has a very good story line, well developed characters, action, a couple of evil plots, chemistry and romance.

I think fans of the paranormal romance, fantasy and even urban fantasy genres should like this.


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  1. Spellbound Legend sounds like a really good read. Thank you for sharing your review with us today :)


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