Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Review The Witching Pen by Dianna Hardy

Title The Witching Pen (The Witching Pen Novellas)
Author Dianna Hardy
Source Author requested review
Genre Paranormal romance- witch
Length Novella

Book One of The Witching Pen Novellas

Elena is a witch with a very special gift. She can make stories come to life with a pen. When she discovers that imagination can become reality at the stroke of her nib, she thinks it's the best thing to have ever happened … until she meets Nathaniel. With an inexplicable hypnotic hold over her, he is a demon with a familiar face that lurks in the shadows of her world, impervious to her 'witching pen', and determined to make her create the world as he would have it – with her at his side.

In order to prevent the creation of a demon dimension on Earth, and to keep her soul intact, Elena must uncover all of Nathaniel's secrets to overcome him. But what she uncovers only seems to draw her further into his world and to the demon himself, and when the final stone is turned, what she discovers could be the very thing that ends up killing her...

Publisher's Notes:-

Book length: novella (37,000+ words)

The Witching Pen is a quirky, fast-paced, adult paranormal romance, with a "Buffy-esque", urban fantasy undertone.

Rating 4 1/2

Throw everything you think about novellas out the door on this one. I was really impressed with this story.  You get a huge storyline with surprises spite the 67 pgs. You also get a good romance and one sex scene. Oh, I almost forgot you get a lot of sexual tension between these two also so you don’t miss out on the romance. I really like how the author went about writing how the pen works and the demons. This is an excellent story and quite differs from most paranormal romance stories. The book blurb really doesn’t do it justice so please don’t pay it too much mind . 

Elena is a witch that lives with her best friend which by happens to be a guy named Karl. Karl has loved Elena since they were teens. He knows her secrets inside and out. He just has to make her see that she can trust him with her power. These two have to learn how to love and trust each other in order to stop the demon Nathaniel from getting Elena’s power. Before the end Karl finds out he is something special too. 

Karl and Elena are great together the only thing I wished would have happened was the sex scene would have went a tad slower with Elena being a virgin.

Great characters and a great romance story, I highly recommend this one to anyone who loves witches and surprises.

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