Thursday, November 24, 2011

ARC Review White Wind by Susan Edwards

Title: White Wind
Author: Susan Edwards
Source: Requested Review
Genre: Historical Romance
Format: e-book; 114,000 words
Release date: Mass Market original release- March 1996; e-book re-release- November 21, 2011

Alone in the world since the death of the man who raised her, Sarah Cartier is forced to flee her home to escape her abusive guardian. No sooner does she ride off into the untamed wilderness than she is swept away by Golden Eagle, the Sioux brave who saved her life once before. Insisting that Sarah belongs to him, Golden Eagle brings her to his village to learn the ways of his people. Her fantasies becoming reality, Sarah is a willing captive—but she fears the danger she'll bring when her guardian finds her.

The blue-eyed beauty has haunted his dreams ever since their first encounter. Now Golden Eagle is determined to claim her as his own. As future chief, Golden Eagle is betrothed to the daughter of another tribe. Consumed by passion for Sarah, he knows he will be forced to choose between love and duty…



My review-

The final book in this set of four re-released books in Susan Edward's "White Series" is "White Wind". This book was actually the first of the series that was published, telling the story of the little girl we meet very briefly as a toddler in "White Dawn". As I am the type of reader, at times, that likes reading things in chronological order, I was pleased with the chance to start this series in the correct chronological order. Though, as I mentioned in my previous review, I would recommend reading "White Wind" before "White Shadows".

Just as her other stories are, "White Wind" is another fabulous addition to this series. We have the opportunity to see someone not raised by Native Americans adapting to their society. What I still find so wonderful about this series in these first four books is that we get such real characters to enjoy watching evolve, love, go through sorrow and joy, but we also are given a glimpse into a way of life that seems so glossed over in other pieces of fiction we see that are set during this time period.

This series is wonderful so far and I am looking forward to the re-release of the next set of four into e-book format.

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