Friday, November 18, 2011

ARC Review The Wolf Within by Sandrea Bennett

Title :The Wolf Within
Source: Author request
Lenght: Novella
Genre: Wolf Shifter- paranormal romance 
Release Date November 21 ,2011

Will his love be enough to keep her safe? 

Julie doesn’t know what to think when the man she’s had a crush on her entire life--a man she thinks is meant to be her sister's mate--starts flirting with her after she returns home from college. The harder she tries to distance herself, the harder he works to win her over. He can’t want to mate with her...a freak born a full human among shifters. So why won’t he accept her rejection? 

Brendan's waited years for Julie's return. Now that she’s finally home, there’s nothing to keep him from her...not even her three alpha wolf brothers. But he’s not the only one after Julie. Something is stalking her and Brendan's protective instincts toward her kick in, but at what cost? 

When the unthinkable happens, will Julie and Brendan's love give them the strength they need to persevere?

Sondrea writes some very lovable characters into a good short hot novella. At the beginning of this novella the hero and heroine moved a little too fast but before long they seemed to slow down so I could get a feel for the romance between them and before I knew it I had the whole novella gobbled up left me wanting more.
 Once Brendan and Julie get over their little problem there’s no stopping them because they are great together.  I recommend this romance to anyone who loves a quick sexy read and let me tell you there’s one scene that’s worth the price it was hot.
Now I just have to get the author in gear to get Laurie’s story out and I’ll be a happy camper LOL.

He growled but moved away. He took her hand and pulled her toward the back of the store, opening the door to the storage closet and pushing her inside. He followed her in before shutting and locking the door.
“They’ll still hear us,” she whispered, as if they could hear the naughty thoughts in her head.
“Let them. Then they’ll know you’re mine.”……


  1. I haven't heard of this series before. This book sounds good and I like the quote. I'll need to check it out. Thanks for the review!

  2. Paranormal Haven- Thanks. I think you would like these.


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