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Blog tour with romance author Jennifer T. Alli

Elemental Passions – Blog Tour

Right, well I suppose I should introduce myself I’m one of those rare things, a writer from London.  Now, I’m sure there are lots of us out there it’s just I haven’t met them yet. I’m touched by a little of that wonderful thing called ‘writer’s madness’ and I love it. It means that I see the world a little differently to others. I’m also a self published author who sadly must work a full time job at university so that does mean I’m capable of feats of time manipulation that will leave you all astounded. No, seriously, you wouldn’t believe how I can make time do what I need it to do. As you can probably guess by now, I also try and make light of everything. What’s life without a bit of fun eh?
This is my first book blog tour so I thought I’d kick things off with a bang. Literally and so we’re going to start with Seared by Desire, the first book in my elemental Passions series. I think I’ll answer a few questions because I’ll be giving away three copies of the book! Why three you ask? Because there are three books in the series that are currently available to buy.
What inspired the storyline to Seared by Desire?
Would you believe me if I said it was a horse? Not that I’ve ever ridden a horse in my life and I’ve only ever seen one up close once. Let me explain. I was coming to the end of my Love Bites trilogy and I just wondered how people delivered mail in the time before cars. It got me thinking about how far people would have to go to achieve things that we take for granted and I just thought of how hard it would be for two people to communicate if they had to ride horses instead of just picking up a phone. Then the idea came to me to write a book that wasn’t about werewolves, I wanted to switch it up and so the elementals came to me. I had the setting in terms of time, an idea for what paranormal element I wanted my characters to have and by then Sara had made herself known and Lucian followed very swiftly after. It’s near impossible to keep those two apart. 

Tell us a little more about your characters.
Well firstly we have our heroine, Sara who is a little bit of a contradiction. She’s an expert sword smith but she hates violence…I know it doesn’t seem like that makes sense but she’s a creature of necessity. She creates swords because there’s reliability in steel but after years of being an outcast and picked on for being weak she knows that not everything can be achieved through force. But when the chips are down she’s prepared to do anything to protect those close to her.
Then we have Lucian…What can I say about Lucian…he’s completely different to Sara. While she’s laid back and relaxed he’s intense and focused on completing his mission. He’s so focused on defeating his enemies once and for all that the first time he meets Sara he leaves her unconscious in the middle of a road so that he doesn’t have to deal with the problems a bride will bring. Now I’m making him sound like an arse…to be brutally honest he is at times but he does have a softer side, Sara just needs to work on bringing it out. He’s spent centuries alone and at war so it does take a little effort on her part especially seeing as he’s adamant no one, including Sara, finds out that she’s his bride.
He was intrigued. Fire elementals never called for help.
He moved closer, examining the freckles that covered her cheeks, her plump red lips and the curve of her nose. She fell to her knees and the smell of her blood exploded into the air. He was close now, so close he could feel her heat and the smell of her blood hit him like a drug. Rich. Exotic. His.
The warm blood running through his veins froze. He stepped back as though he’d been punched in the gut; he felt as though he had been. The woman in front of him was his bride, the woman fate had put aside solely for him. In all the centuries he’d been alive he’d never expected to find her but here she was, presented to him like a gift. His fangs ached. He took another step back despite the fact he wanted to get closer to her.
He had just fed but he wanted nothing more than to sink his fangs into her soft skin, drink her until she was boneless then take her body until she couldn’t move. Or both at the same time. The thought appealed to him while at the same time scaring him beyond all reason. To drink his bride’s blood would be to tie his strength to her. No other’s blood would invigorate him like hers; he would be at his most powerful while being at his most vulnerable. She would give him power like no other but the blood of everyone else would leave his stomach full but his body weak. She was a liability he couldn’t afford to have right now. He was in the middle of a war.
So that’s enough from me for the moment. I’ve loved being here and hope you’ve enjoyed having me. I do love hearing from readers so if you ever want to get in touch then just drop me a line.

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If you want to check out any of the books in the Elemental Passions series then they’re available here:

Jennifer T. Alli, author of Love Bites and Elemental Passions

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