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Guest author Lisa Darling

A Conversation with Alena the Wife of War

We're here on Olympus today by special invitation from Alena MacLeod the Wife of Ares God of War. She's a rather petite woman with long flower silvery/gray hair and the most gorgeous eyes I've ever seen, they're as gray as her hair and stormy as the sea. We sit here today in the inner sanctum of Ares' Fortress; his bedroom.  Alena is in bed and, to my eyes, she looks weary almost lost and definitely tired.

Lisa: Hello, Alena, thank you so much for having me here on Olympus today, I've interviewed your Husband, Ares, a few times but it was always down in the Mortal World on his secluded Greek Isle.  That's where I met you for the first time…

Alena: Hummm…as I recall, you were trying to get my Husband to sleep with you.

(I feel a rush of colorful heat run into my cheeks. Ares is quite difficult to resist and she's right, I was trying to lure him to bed.)

Lisa: Sorry about that…
Alena: Don't worry about it, all of the women try to bed him.

(There's no mistaking the agitation in her normally soft voice.)

Lisa: Well, it's a very rare opportunity you've bestowed on me today and I'm honored.

Alena: Thank you for coming, I'm afraid I can't open the Gates of Olympus to go down to the Mortal World or I would have met you there.

Lisa: Ares doesn't allow you to leave Olympus?

Alena: No, he doesn't. (She sighs and looks away from me for a moment.)

Lisa: Aren't you part Fey with powers of your own?

Alena: Yes, but only an Olympian can open the Gates of Olympus or someone trusted enough to be given that power by one of Them.

I find it odd that Ares hasn't given his Wife, a woman he's told me several times he loves more than his own life, the freedom to come and go from Olympus as she pleases but it's obvious this line of questioning may be upsetting my hostess and I don't want to be rude.

Lisa:  So what's it like being the Wife of Ares God of War?

Alena: If you'd asked me that question when we first met on the island I would have said it was grand. (A sad smile crosses her lips.) Then we moved here to Olympus and everything started falling apart. (She leans in close to me and touches my arm as her haunting eyes dart about the room and she whispers to me.) His Family is crazy, did you know that? All of them they're nuking futz!

Lisa: All of Them?

Alena: Every…last…one. (With each word, she taps my hand for emphasis) Except maybe Eros, he could be sane, then again that could just be a facade.  I wish all of Them would just leave us alone and we could go back to our island where life was peaceful.  Since I had Raven Ares won't leave here.

Lisa: I met your son, Raven, when I interviewed him and Ares the other day. He's grown very quickly, hasn't he?  He seems like quite the handful.

Alena: They're turning him against me. My own son!

Lisa: Who?

Alena: The Olympians; Zeus and Apollo and that bitch Aphrodite. They're getting in his head and making him believe terrible lies about me and my kind.

Lisa: That's horrible!  What does Ares say about all of that?

Alena: (She sighs again and folds her hands in her lap as she sits in the bed.) Mostly that it's normal, all just part of Life on Olympus. Damn loony bin is what it is. It's like living in "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest".  Aphrodite is 'Nurse Ratchet'.

We're coming up to a sticky subject here and I want to be tactful but sometimes there's no better way to pose a question other than to come right out with it.

Lisa: I understand Ares had an affair with Aphrodite…recently, I mean. He Fathered a Daughter with her, Trinity I believe her name is…

Alena: Was.

Lisa: Excuse me?

Alena: Trinity suffered a horrible accident recently and she passed to the Underworld. (She leans forward and starts talking to me as though we're old girlfriends from high school and I imagine that's because she's so desperately lonely and longing for someone…anyone…to talk to, to hear her.) She was a sweet little girl and I liked her, I never blamed her for how she came into this world. I know my Husband had no other choice but to sleep with Aphrodite…that time.  Possibly the last as well, I don't know anymore.  I forgive Ares, truly I do, I love him so much but it hurts to know that he was with her.  I mean she's so beautiful and….shall we say 'talented'?  Me? Well, I'm just…me.  She'll do anything to get her claws into him and take Ares away from me.

Lisa: Well, Ares obviously thinks you're pretty special, he married you, had a Son with you and he always speaks about you in such glowing terms.

Alena: I'm beginning to wonder about that too.  Maybe my Husband is just as insane as the rest of his Family and is just better at hiding it.

Lisa: He seems sane to me. I believe him when he tells me how much in love with you he is. I think he would do whatever it took to protect you and keep you safe.

Alena: That's the problem and Zeus knows it. That's how Ares ended up in Aphrodite's bed in the first place. If I ever get pregnant again he'll have to do it again. There's little chance of that now, isn't there?  (Tears well in her eyes as she stops to look at her surroundings and the bed she can't get out of anymore.) So perhaps that part will work out and Zeus won't force him back to Aphrodite's bed but somehow I think my Father in-Law will find a way around his bargain with Ares. He's such a bastard and he'll do anything to get rid of me.
Lisa: Including turning Raven against you?

Alena: Yes and Zeus hates my son as much as he hates me. He's only using Raven hoping something catastrophic will come out of it.  I suppose it has, hasn't it?  (Again, she looks at the bed this time she shakes her head.)  But it won't be enough for Zeus. He won't be happy until either I'm dead or Ares casts me aside.  All because he wants to return Olympus to its former glory but those days are dead and gone, they're not coming back, no matter how many full-blooded Olympians he makes Ares produce for him. As much as what Ares did hurts my heart, I know that, ultimately, Zeus is to blame.

Lisa: You think Ares will sleep with Aphrodite again?

Alena: Maybe even of his own accord. Look at me, how am I supposed to be a wife to my Husband when I can't even move my legs?  How am I supposed to fight back against Olympians when I can't even get out of this bed?

Suddenly a large shadow falls over us as we're huddled together head to head and whispering.
Ares: But in that bed is where I like you best.  If those beautiful legs of yours never work again that will be a shame but I will happily spend the rest of my life carrying you around in my arms to wherever you want to go.
Alena and I break our huddle as I sit back and Ares moves between us to settle his 7-foot frame on the bed next to her.

Lisa: Greetings, Lord Ares.

Ares: Always a pleasure to see you again, my dear. (He turns to Alena and takes her up in his strong arms) All I care is that you finally woke up and you are no longer asleep, gone from me, lost in a place I could not follow. My life is empty without you.

As he gives her a long squeeze, it's clear to see in those misty eyes that she wants so desperately to believe him.  But her world is in shambles and she has a large fight ahead of her.  One she isn't sure she's strong or cunning enough to win.

Lisa: I should go now. Thank you for taking the time to talk with me today, Alena. Lord Ares.
Ares: Raven will see you to the Gates of Olympus and safely off the mountain.

From the doorway a sharp whistle pierces the air and I turn my head to see Raven standing there impatiently waiting for me.  I don't want to go with him, alone. The boy frightens me.  I'm still reeling from the last time I was with him. I've never said someone was inherently evil and I won't say so now but Raven is the closest I've ever come to it. Rising from the bed I take in the sight of his mother wrapped up in his Father's arms and a small trickle of hope runs through me.  Alena is a very strong and determined woman, I know better than to count her out, so perhaps there's still time for her and for her son, Raven Child of War.

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  3. Hi Lisa, just stopping by to show some support and love.

    I have to let everyone know that

    Child of War: A God is Born is one of the best books I have ever read. Best book of the year for me. Definitely full of drama, action, hot sex, and very addicting.

    Ronda Tutt

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