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Guest Post Claudy Conn + Giveaways

Please welcome author
Claudy Conn

Hi, my name is Claudy Conn and in the first of my Legend series, we are introduced to Prince Breslyn, Royal Seelie Fae and completely hot super hunk.

He nagged me until I agreed to give him a series of his own, a three part novella, and the first, Prince in the Mist, was just released and hit the bestseller list, which has made him impossible. He insisted I interview him to tell readers a little more about the series.

However, we decided to allow his best friend and comrade, Danté, Prince of Lugh who has a role in Trapped-Legend, and then moves to starring role in Free-Falling-Legend to be his interviewer. Danté is not too happy about this this, but is trying to be a sport about it all the same.

Prince Danté: (opened his mouth to start and then was side-tracked a moment as Breslyn punched Danté’s wonderfully muscular chest with affectionate taunting.
{sigh}, I am dealing now with two huge, beautiful males, shoving one another. Finally, I have their attention once more, and perhaps will be able to hand the pen over to Danté, who takes this chore on as seriously as he does everything else.)

Prince Danté: (sneering only slightly) "What makes you think anyone would be interested in your history?"

Prince Breslyn: "Ete thinks so, and as it turns out..." he puffs up proudly. "She was right."

Prince Danté: "Pompous ass."

Me: "Continue please."

Prince Danté: "Can you tell us a little something about the next novella you and Claudy Conn have planned?"

Prince Breslyn: "I can … and it is full with passion and betrayal and love…"

Prince Danté, sarcastically: "Of course it is…"

Me: "Okay royals … easy now."

Prince Danté: (seemingly politely interested) "Is this where we first recognize that Gais could be trouble for us?"

Prince Breslyn: "It is … but even so, we never suspected to what extent, although I always felt he was really wickedly motivated in all things."

Prince Danté: "Oh, as though you could know more than me. You have … what … less than eleven thousand years, and I … I am seventy thousand years old, brat."

Me: "Okay guys—Princey boys, back on track please."

Prince Danté: "When should we look for the next novella and what will it be called?"

Prince Breslyn: "The Prince—Eclipse around March 2012."

Prince Danté: "Of course it will …"

Prince Breslyn, laughs amiably: "Jealous old friend?"

Now I have to interrupt again, trying to get the situation back on track. "Okay Princey boys … you are supposed to be friends—remember?" They eye one another each in his own style and Danté proceeds.

Prince Danté: "So tell your readers, why you started your tale, Prince in the Mist, in the 1300’s."

Prince Breslyn: "Ah, because it was the first time that I chose to break the rules."

Prince Danté: "Did you influence the war between the Scots and the Brits?"

Prince Breslyn: "You have to read and decide that for yourself."

Prince Danté: "I don’t have to read anything…"

Prince Breslyn: "Well no, you don’t … but the readers will decide for themselves…"

Prince Danté: "Ah … the queen calls … sorry brat … gotta go…"

Me: "Thank you both, and if you want to know more about Prince Danté and Prince Breslyn, I invite you to come on in and have a look at my Legend series."

Thank you,
Claudy Conn

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  5. Thanks ladies for your comments. Snuck a moment away from my wolfie girl and her son Rocky the Man who were demanding play time, to come on in and tell you how I love your comments!
    Thanks again,
    Claudy :)

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    Kel xx

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    I hope i managed to get in touch with you in time - i e-mailed a little earlier!
    YAY, cant wait to get stuck in to the book!
    Kel xx


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