Monday, November 21, 2011

November's Bitten Pack Bite's

Bitten Pack Bite's is going to be something new we are trying each month. Each month we have a topic on something and each reviewer adds their pov about that topic. The topic can be anything from authors to just book covers, so each month we'll have something different to chat about. We also want to hear you input about the topic and get your POV.

Novembers topic is 
New authors and how you feel about them? 

When I started reading heavily 4 years ago I sunk into reading books by bestselling authors. I never gave thought about reading new authors. I just played it safe by buying bestselling authors books and thinking I would like them better. Let me tell you since I opened the blog I have thrown all of those ideas out the door because I found I was totally wrong. I have been finding a lot of new authors that I like so much better than the Best Selling authors.

Below you’ll find the rest of the packs opinions about new authors.
So what’s your take on new authors?

New authors are a tricky thing, however, all authors were new authors at one time. In fact, authors, even if they are established, are always new. It just depends on who has or has not read their work. Brand spanking new authors with their first publications all need a chance. I have no issues reading a new author's work, personally, because the "cold" reality is is that someone has to. Do I always enjoy what I read? No, not necessarily, but at the same time I have found some gems from newly published authors. I have no problems with following a new author's other work if I enjoy their first by giving them a chance.


Just recently I discovered author E.L. James and I can't stop recommending her books to everyone I talk to. With her debut books Fifty Shades of Grey (Fifty Shades #1) and Fifty Shades Darker (Fifty Shades #2) she has managed to garner over 1500 ratings on Goodreads for Fifty Shades of Grey with 70% percent of readers giving it a 5 Star ranking (that is almost 1045 people) and over 900 ratings for Fifty Shades Darker with 77% of readers giving it a 5 Star ranking (over 700 people). Why am I giving you these stats? Because I want you to discover this author and thephenomenal stories she had written!  It has been a very long time since I have read any books that have been so mind-blowing in there ability to make me feel so many very strong emotions and make the characters feel so ALIVE AND REAL! The author has an amazing creative ability to describe scenes in such detail that you feel you can see, touch, taste, smell and feel everything that is happening in the story. The stories were so powerful that it left me contemplating about the plight of the characters even when I wasn't reading the books. If I could nominate best new author for 2011 I would nominate E.L. James and recommend her to everyone. So grab yourself a piece of Fifty and be prepared for a wild and exciting ride.


I adore reading books by new and Indie authors because they add so many new flavors to the archetypical characters and mythos giving them all manner of different new and interesting traits to create and/or add to the character types. Vampires who only drink blood, can't be in the sun and are dead to the world during the daytime are good, but I really love the other characteristics new authors give them. Same with werewolves, shapeshifters, demons, gargoyles and other creatures.

We get introduced to new story lines and series I never would have known about and that would be a shame. Being a reviewer here at Bitten has given me the opportunity to read so many authors I would have missed otherwise.

New authors also seem to not get locked into a certain genre and many of their stories cross many genres. Look at Ann Mayburn; she writes paranormal romance, erotic paranormal romance, erotic GLBT -- all of them good and she will be releasing a historical western romance soon.

I've heard others remarking their disdain of new and indie authors because there are a lot of mistakes and/or plot issues with their stories. Yes, this can sometimes be true however as they learn their craft, hopefully with a good editor to help teach them, they will get much better. Don't let one bad apple turn you away from this resource for wonder new characters to fall in love with and/or lust over, new cities and worlds to visit and intriguing characters with all kinds of new abilities.

I remember when Anne Rice, Laurell K. Hamilton and Stephen King were all new authors.  Where would they be if no one had taken a chance on them?  Take a chance on some of these new/newish authors (you can most most of them on as well as here on Bitten): Ann Mayburn, Claudy Conn, Nancy Haddock, CD Hussey, David Burton, Molly Harper, Jess Macallan and many, many more.

I tend to have mixed feelings regarding new authors. On one hand I get lazy and will just simply reread authors I know I love. I've read them over and over and can't wait for their new stuff to come out. If the book is a continuation for a series, I will reread all the other books in the series to refresh my memory regarding the series. If it isn't part of a series I will reread my favorite book by that author to get re-familiarized with the writing of that author. 

On the other hand new authors have wonderful and great stories to tell. One of the reasons I wanted to become a reviewer was to have access to newer authors and to be introduced to them. I have read some really really really great stories recently by some new authors. Some of which have taken spots on my top 10 list of favorite books. To anyone wondering whether new authors are as good as some of the more popular authors in the literary world I'd say, Yes!! Without a doubt. It's my own laziness that causes me to not read a new author. That is something I am trying very hard to work on. 



  1. Ollie made a fabulous point. EL James popped out of nowhere and now she's the talk of the town. Everybody needs to start somewhere. However, I find myself skittish sometimes with new authors. I think that's only natural though. Who wants to spend $ on something your gonna hate? As far as giveaways go. If I don't think I'll put the book high up on my TBR list them I won't try. I'd hate to rob somebody of their chance to win.

  2. I do try new authors I've never heard of and enter to win on blogs as often as I can. All of us just need a chance to prove that we're worth while after all.

  3. Good points, all authors start out as new authors. For me I will give anyone a try as long as I like the sound of their book. I don't really take into account if they are best sellers or not. But I also agree with Megan, if I'm not too into the idea of the book I wont enter a giveaway so that someone who is dying to read it can get the chance.

  4. As a reviewer, I also read a lot of new authors. If the story sounds interesting, and it's in a genre I'm interested in (and not the length of War and Peace) I'm willing to try a lot of things.

  5. I'm always finding authors of paranormal & urban fantasy who are new to me so I'm always open to reading newly published authors. My only issue, if you can call it that, is when they are REALLY good and I REALLY want to read book 2 but it won't be published for another year. Fortunately, some sign a multi-book deal to start with and book 2 is released within 6 months since it's already been written.


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