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Review Dark Warrior: To Tame a Wild Hawk by Lenore Wolfe

Title: Dark Warrior: To Tame a Wild Hawk (Dark Cloth Series #1)
Author: Lenore Wolfe
Genre: Fantasy Western Romance
Format: eBook, 282 pgs
Release Date: June 14, 2010
Dark Warrior Book Cover

Amanda Kane has always had visions of the man she's destined to marry--a cowboy who will help her save her ranch. But Hawk is no ordinary cowboy. He carries a powerful secret. A secret that leads to betrayed.

A supernatural force secretly rules the world. A man, behind a mask is the human behind this power. Or is he human? Raised by the Lakota as part of a women’s society, Amanda Kane begins her journey in the ancient way. She must seek out the Grandmothers, from beyond the veil, when these mysteries lead to the man behind the mask. To fight him, she must turn to a man who has been raised by the Lakota and Cheyenne. A man who fights like a gunman–but seeks a warriors revenge.

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Rating -
one good howl

Sexual -

My Review:

This is a good historical western romance that ends up with not one but two romances with two more burgeoning romances. It also features a brutal massacre, a man with no face who stays in the shadows, betrayal, Indians, land grabbing cold murdering cattle barons, cattle rustling and a couple of subplots.

Mandy, the female lead, is a strong willed young lady whose father has been murdered leaving her a ranch that McCandle wants. She is able to talk telepathically with the Grandmothers and she sees visions. The Grandmothers tell her she is to marry Hawk but she doesn't want to nor is the alternative acceptable. It is not Hawk she objects to but marriage itself. She's dreamed of him for years and loved him for as long. She knows they've been together in other lifetimes she and is actually drawn to Hawk. He awakens feelings in her she didn't know existed. With just one smoldering look, he set her blood on fire.

Six year old Jordy McClain, raised by the Cheyenne, becomes Hawk (the male lead) - the "White Indian", when going to live with the Lakota after seeing his birth father murder his friends and their families. Hawk is a bit on the gifted side. He fights his attraction to Mandy even though he knows they are destined to be together. He feels his soul is already lost, he can't drag her down too. And when she learns his secret, he's sure she won't want him.

Hawk and Mandy are perfect for each other - both strong willed, stubborn and willing to do what needs to be done to get what they want - revenge.

The story has a slow beginning but like a snowball rolling downhill, or an avalanche, it gathers speed and mass. The first quarter of the book is told solely from Mandy's point of view. Then the story starts to get better when we get Hawk's point of view as well.

From the publisher's description I was expecting it to be more paranormal. A little mystical is a better description. Stick with the description - it is more accurate.

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