Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Review The Disciple by Jemma Chase

Title: The Disciple
Author: Jemma Chase
Source: Author Request
Format: eBook
Release Date: November 2, 2011
In the future vampires overrun the Earth, so a small cadre of vampire slayers are sent back to the pivotal moment when the vampire clans were contained to the European continent in hopes of destroying them in the past to save the future.

In the mid-24th century the vampire threat is so terrible that humanity is on the run and their numbers are dwindling. The only ones willing and able to fight the vampire plague are those in The Order.

In addition to creating specialized vampire-killing weapons, The Order has protected all the world’s leading scientists. They’re rewarded with the ultimate breakthrough: time travel. But there’s a catch -- if you return to your present time, your mind doesn’t come home with you.

Now a select team will be sent back to the Middle Ages, to stop the vampire threat before it can spread. They’re the best vampire slayers of their day and age, but once they go a thousand years into the past they’re strangers in a strange old land. Their perfect weapons aren’t working right, their numbers are too small, and the vampires seem to know who they are. It will take the ultimate leap of faith for the team to have a chance to complete their mission -- and survive.
Sexual- N/A

A gripping novella from the start. The story is told by the main character, but you do not find out her name until the end. She has lost her whole family to vampires and is saved and taken in by The Order, a group trying to wipe out vampires and save humanity. After discovering time travel, The Order decides the best way to defeat vampires is to venture a thousand years into the past to stop the "plague" before it spreads. Seven people, including the main character, volunteer even though they know they can never return.

The way the story is told is an unusual approach that works really well. Since the main character can never return to the future, she has no way of knowing if her efforts in the past create a positive outcome in the future. Therefore, you are left wondering as well. With that said, I never felt as if I was left without an ending or with loose ends. I thought this story was very well written and would make a great foundation for a series.  

Spoiler:  I would not classify this as a Romance, hence the lack of a sexual rating. 

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