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Review Lady of the Drake by J.V. Altharas

Title: Lady of the Drake
Author: J.V. Altharas
Source: Requested Review
Genre: Erotic Paranormal Romance
Format: eBook, 167 pgs
Release Date: October 25, 2011

Lady of the Drake Book Cover

Schorcher Award

Lana's village is being destroyed by devastating plague, and she's determined to find the cure. But on her way through the forest she finds a fantastic world of dragons, magic, and the seductive Alaron, keeper of the forest.

But as she revels in pleasure and magic, her world is dying--and there may be no one to save it!

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Rating -
An Alpha Howl

Sexual -
Four Alarm Fire #@!%$

My Review:

Outstanding! Who said men can't write good erotic paranormal romance with a bit of fantasy? This is an excellent story by first time author J. V. Altharas featuring shape shifting dragons and hybrid dragons (half human/half dragon).

What an imagination! The world of dragons and halfling dragons Altharas created is spectacular and he has such a way with words:
"A piercing cry split the night, and Lana’s whole world went grey as her body convulsed in orgasm.
She became the walking ivy, and the trees, and the birds. She felt wind rushing through her feathers, and rough bark beneath her tendrils. Lana was one with the forest around her for a few precious heartbeats. Her mind’s eye floated into the air, looking down on the landscape as if the whole of it had become her body…but Alaron wasn’t done with her flesh."

Lana is a healer and midwife for her village. Rumor had it dragons had taken over the forests near Lana's home but she'd never seen one on her forays into the forest. She needs to gather dragon bane from a pond in the forest to help try to cure the ill in her village.

She meets a "charming and attractive ... stranger", Alaron, at the pond where she was to harvest the dragon bane. She proceeds to seduce him while they both gathered the plants. Upon meeting him again, she begins to sense he is more than an "ordinary man".

Alaron is an alchemist among other things, tends the forest and is rather well endowed physically. He is quite taken with Lana as she is with him. When he asks her to become his mate, her world is turned upside down and she is thrust into a fantasy land of dragons and their descendents.

Seriously hot and steamy. A little bondage, a little spanking, voyeurism, a M/F/M/F four-some, a bit of F/F, a F/F/M three-some and a M/F/M menage, oh my...

Fans of the paranormal romance, fantasy and dragons genres should waste no time in putting this story at the top of their "to read" list.



  1. Thanks so much for the great review! I'm looking forward to our interview.

  2. What a great review! With such high praise, I have to give it a try! I love finding new authors here. Thanks WAB!


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