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Review Midnight Seduction by Anna Keraleigh, et al.

Title: Midnight Seduction
Authors: Anna Keraleigh, Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy, Pepper Anthony, London Saint James, Emma Shortt, Alexandra O'Hurley, Carolyn Rosewood, Kelly Yeakle, Luxie Ryder, Kastil Eavenshade, D. F. Krieger, Fionn Jameson and Lila Shaw
Source: Requested Review
Genre: Erotic Paranormal Romance
Format: eBook, 315 pgs
Release Date: October 19, 2011
Midnight Seduction Book Cover

No matter what your fantasy, these sinfully naughty tales are certain to keep you reading late into the night...

Midnight Seduction is an exclusive collection of erotically charged stories by thirteen talented authors. From dark angels and vampires, to ghosts and kelpies, this anthology is sure to please paranormal romance lovers everywhere. Fulfill your wanton desires and escape into a world where anything is possible.

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Rating -
An Alpha Howl

Sexual -

My Review:

Thirteen tales of paranormal seduction and romance. I love anthologies because I am introduced to new authors and series I probably would have never read. I read and reviewed Midnight Seduction - Man Love featuring a few of this anthology's authors: Kastil Eavenshade, Luxie Ryder and Anna Keraleigh, and it was great as well.

I will review and rate each story individually.

Going Berserk by Alexandra O'Hurley
Content: An Alpha Howl (5/5) Heat: Hot! (3/4) Pages: 24
Jakob, shape shifter, thinks "[he is] cursed to live a loveless, empty life"
Kara finds herself led to a fortune teller by smoke that smells like brownies. Jakob sees the same smoke, knows it is his enemies and sees Kara is bound a gagged by them. He feels the need to protect and claim her.

Bad Things by Luxie Ryder
Content: An Alpha Howl (5/5) Heat: Hot! (3/4) Pages: 27
Roommates Finn & Keisha have been invited to Finn's ex-boyfriend's True Love themed Halloween Party. It is just Keisha's luck to have a vampire make her so very hot but the sex is magnificent. Finn's version of this story is found in Midnight Seduction - Man Love.

The Yearning by Emma Shortt
Content: A Pack Howl (4/5) Heat: Hot! (3/4) Pages:20
Sarah is still looking for him, has been ever since she'd first seen him that night three years ago. Anton has been hiding from Sarah even though he too has a yearning for her. At 27, she's still too young; he must wait. Then another vampire attacks her and takes her to him.

Trixie's Treats by Kelly Yeakle
Content: A Pack Howl (4/5) Heat: Hot! (3/4) Pages:18
Trixie is a F/F porn actress by day, a witch by night. Halloween is coming and she wants to cast an enchantment to "find her everlasting love". She gets more than she bargains for when she casts the spell and Trent shows up.

Ghost of a Chance by Carolyn Rosewood
Content: An Alpha Howl (5/5) Heat: Hot! (3/4) Pages:25
Tess "has been dreaming about the ghost in [Aunt Emily's] house for as long as she could remember" and she'd been drawn to the painting of Roland each time she's visited. Roland watches Tess from within the painting. "Trapped in a painting with a constant hard-on, forced to watch a parade of lovely young ladies with no hope of sexual release except one night a year gave one little time for reflecting on virtue."

Shadows of Desire by Pepper Anthony
Content: An Alpha Howl (5/5) Heat: Hot! (3/4) Pages:25
Rod keeps finding his electronics unplugged - aggravating when he's trying to write his story about the "unseen dead". His agent sends out a paranormal investigator - Philippa.

Midnight Masquerade by D. F. Krieger
Content: An Alpha Howl (5/5) Heat: Steamy (2/4) Pages:16
Anya has visions and she and her sister are witches. They are going to the masquerade tonight and she meets her mate. Can she deal with what he is?

Kissing Darkness by Fionn Jameson
Content: An Alpha Howl (5/5) Heat: Hot! (3/4) Pages: 29
Incubi, she hunts them, he is one. This one is different, she is really, really hot for him but knows she has to kill him.

Crimson Sin by London Saint James
Content: One Good Howl (3/5) Heat: Steamy (2/4) Pages:28
Paris is a "conjurer, medium, a seer" and her lover awaits her on the other side of the veil, he's a fallen angel. A dark story of life, death and sacrifice

Soul Reaver by Kastil Eavenshade
Content: A Pack Howl (4/5) Heat: Hot! (3/4) Pages:22
"Maurizio [is] a Nikash—part demon and part angel ... slave to the underworld." He finds Amanda, a witch with a pure soul. Can she save him?

Deal With the Devil by Anna Keraleigh
Content: An Alpha Howl (5/5) Heat: Four Alarm Fire #@!%$" (4/4) Pages:23
To say Eryn married the wrong man is an understatement. She makes a deal and is confined to the cemetery until she fulfills her part of the bargain. One day a year she can leave and she makes the most of it.

Last Call for Love by Lila Shaw
Content: A Pack Howl (4/5) Heat: Hot! (3/4) Pages:15
Penn is a baseball pitcher on a men's team, she's also a succubus. She's been in love with her teammate Joe for 2 years and has been able to stay away from him ... until today. She doesn't realize Joe is a little more than meets the eye.

Salem by Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy
Content: One Good Howl (3/5) Heat: Hot! (3/4) Pages:23
Amelia thinks she remembers Nathaniel but isn't sure. He says it is from Salem. They have to travel back in time to right the wrongs.

All kinds of supernatural creatures grace these pages. Add this and its spin-off edition, Man Love, to your wish list. Then check out each author's website for more.



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