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Bitten’s She-Wolf Pack Thursday Review for December 2011 – DREAMER (Chosen by the Gods: 2) by Ann Mayburn

DREAMER (Chosen by the Gods: 2)
Liquid Silver Books
Published December 12, 2011
ISBN:  9781595788849
Paranormal romance
Ebook, 288 pages
Author provided the book for an honest review

Arrogant, powerful, and dangerous, Devon King is one of the world's greatest warriors. Yet even he is helpless against the evil that is stalking the children of Washington DC. When the Gods assign him to protect Shan Harrison he can't believe that the beautiful and spirited Goth girl is the key to defeating the nightmares that haunt the city. Shan has the potential to become one of the strongest dreamers in history, if she can survive long enough to come into her full powers. Devon is used to getting what he wants and he wants Shan. Her submissive nature hidden beneath her tough exterior calls to the dominant side of his nature like a sirens song.

Ashamed of her cravings, Shan fights her attraction to Devon and tries to convince herself that what they have is only physical. The servants of evil use her insecurity and self-doubt to try to tear Shan and Devon apart. If Shan doesn't learn to accept her desires, and Devon's love, darkness will triumph and everyone that she holds dear will be destroyed by terrifying nightmares come to life.

Review Ratings

Nookmom's Ratings

Review:  4 - A Pack Howl Howl
Sexual: 4 - Four Alarm Fire #@!%$

Devon and Shan are HOT!!  Shan is not your typical female lead, being that she was raised by a gay couple, has blue streaks in her hair and is a closet submissive.  Devon is a chosen of the God of War Mentu and a total alpha male.  Attacks by Destruction demons keep happening around Shan and Devon is assigned to protect her.  She is instantly attracted to him but is not going to cut him or his ego a break.  I thoroughly enjoyed watching Shan push Devon’s buttons.  Once she stops fighting her attraction and decides to enjoy the time they have together, things get HOT!  Shan handles all the new aspects of her life well and I loved her humor.  For such a tiny woman, she has a big attitude.

This book is the second in the Chosen By the Gods series.  I have not read the first one, but I did not have any trouble following the story.   

WildAboutBones Ratings

Review:  5 - An Alpha Howl
Sexual: 4 - Four Alarm Fire #@!%$

This is the second, if you don't count the novella, in Mayburn's Chosen by the Gods series. I do declare, the stories in this series just keep getting better and better. Additionally, each one is a true stand alone story; you needn't read the others first, you just won't recognize the characters if you read them out of order.

Sexy, humorous, great characters and an even better story line, this book drew me right back into the series. Mayburn's alphas have "enough hot male flesh to melt any woman's panties right off her body."

The agents of Creation (the good guys) and Destruction (the bad, evil folks) are once again at it in the never-ending war.  This time the background is in the BDSM community and the foreground is the realm of dreams.

Shan has been "denying her dark desires", hiding "those naughty, forbidden things" even from herself. She's a feisty young lady with a longing to be a submissive. I love that the heroine in this story isn't model perfect, that she's "chunky".

Devon King, a Chosen of a War God, is as dominant as they come, in and out of the bedroom.

When Devon and Shan meet they are like "oil and water" and constantly ragging on each other even while their bodies are telling each of them something totally different. When told Devon may think she's his mate she responds with, "The only thing he feels for me is the strong desire to annoy me to death."

The scene on the couch, the first time Devon and Shan have sex, is so sensual, so hot... And the scene in his office, oh my. Wow, I may have wet panties for a week after reading this.

Mayburn is really good at pulling the reader into the world of her story. And her characters are so believable, so real. You don't want to leave when the story is over. Put Ann Mayburn titles on your wish list today.

Laurie's Ratings

Review:  4 - A Pack Howl
Sexual:  4 - Four Alarm Fire #@!%$ 

I’m really glad that I was able to read one of Ann’s books. Ann’s usually send her request to Wild about bones to review but this time Ann picked the she wolf pack to review her book. All I have to say after I read this is wild about bones is going to have heck getting the request from now on because I really loved it LOL ;)

I have to admit it took me a bit to get into the story but once I figure out the direction of the story I really enjoyed it. I think my problem was I didn’t read book one, so I have to go back and grab that one.

 I’m one that doesn’t really enjoy BDSM because some authors degrades women way too much for me but  Ann does a great job in writing Devon in his dominate nature. Heck she made me want him LOL. I could really fell the connection and tension between him and Shan. They start out on the slow side but once they heat they are hot together.

I am always a sucker for reading about the Greek mythology so this one really fit. I like the world Ann has created for them. I know I’ll be grabbing the next one. I highly recommend this to anyone who loved Greek Mythology and a one hot demanding Greek God  ;)

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