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Guest post with romance author D. B. Reynolds

Please welcome romance author D. B. Reynolds here to Bitten today. She's sharing Duncan with you today. But beware because she has added some hot stuff below LOL. 

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People often ask me which actors I would choose to play my characters if a movie was ever to be made. Or if I have a particular actor in mind when writing and describing each of my characters. The answer is always the same. I don’t base any of my characters on a particular actor, and I can’t honestly think of a single actor I would choose to play them in a movie. I have a very vivid picture in my head of each of my vampires and their mates, plus all the supporting cast, as well, even the ones who only show up for a scene or two. My writing is a very visual process. It’s as if I’m walking through a scene, and I’m simply describing what I see. Or maybe that’s what all writers do. I can only speak for me.

This difficulty in thinking of actors to match my vamps extends to choosing covers for the books, too. It’s nearly impossible to find an image that fits my idea of the character I’ve created. We’ve come close on occasion … Sophia is probably the closest, and I think that’s probably because the image of Sophia is a rendering, not a person. With my latest book, DUNCAN, it was so important to get his image right, because he wasn’t a new character being introduced for the first time in his own book. Duncan has been around from the very beginning. Readers know what he looks like, because I’ve described him many times. (Well, except for the hair. A lot of people somehow missed the fact that Duncan has always had long hair!) I searched literally thousands of images on top of what the artist was searching, but in the end it paid off, because we came pretty damn close.

But if the cover was important to get right, the character was even more important. As I said, Duncan has been around from the very beginning, but he was always a supporting character, always at Raphael’s side doing Raphael’s will. Now, he had to step out of Raphael’s substantial shadow and be the star. I knew who Duncan was. I created him. I knew him body and soul. But were my readers’ perceptions of Duncan the same as mine? I wrote the story and sent it off to my two terrific writing partners, who both felt I captured the real Duncan. So, there was nothing left but to send him out into the world and see what my readers thought. And I’m happy to say … so far, so good!

Here’s a little taste of my romantic, compassionate and oh so sexy Duncan.

18 and over below please for the Hot Excerpt:

“Duncan,” she said again, sucking in a sharp breath as he scraped his teeth over her nipple and she felt the sharp points of his fangs against her tender flesh. She breathed out on a sigh of pleasure. “You know those hours you talked about?”
His tongue lapped at her breast, soothing the sting of his fangs. “Mmmm,” he said as he moved to her other breast, his fingers continuing to stroke the one he was leaving behind.
“Do you think . . . Oh my God,” she gasped as his mouth closed over the second swollen nipple and he sucked hard, pulling half of her breast into the warmth of his mouth. She almost orgasmed right then as pleasure shot along her nerve endings like lightning. It arrowed straight to her clit which she swore could feel every ridge and vein of Duncan’s cock despite the two layers of clothing between them. Emma moaned in frustration and gave his hair a firm tug.
He looked up at her, his eyes so hot with color she was amazed he could see anything at all.
“Can we fuck first?” she heard herself say. “And make love later? Please?”
Duncan stared at her for all of ten seconds, and then bared his teeth in a slow, wicked smile.
Faster than Emma would have thought possible, he grabbed her skirt and shoved it up to her waist, his fingers gliding along her bare thighs before shifting to rip away her panties. Just as quickly, he lifted her to his waist, wrapping her legs around his hips as he pushed her against the wall. She felt the brief touch of his hand between them, and then his cock was free, sliding along the soaking wet folds between her thighs, tormenting her already begging clit. Another touch of his hand as he positioned himself, and then one long, steady thrust, and he was balls deep inside her. Emma’s entire body shuddered with such intense desire that she bit into his shoulder to
swallow her screams. Duncan pumped once, twice, and then Emma was coming harder than she ever had before, her head thrown back, teeth buried in her lip to keep from letting the entire household know she was being fucked against the wall and loving every minute of it.

D.B. is offering a giveaway of a choice of any one of her books. Print of Kindle format. Open international. Please leave email with your comment. 


  1. Wow, that was really hot! =D Thank you for the chance to win

  2. OMG, my glasses are all fogged up now, I wish I could read more but I couldn't see a word, lol...
    that was so hottttttttt................
    thanks for the chance to win, I must be blind but I don't remember seeing if I could win this book in Canada,
    so let me know

  3. So hot! Can't wait to read it. ;)

    Stopped by to give a little Rebel Love. *waves*

  4. Thanks for stopping by with this hot excerpt. I have all the books in this series on my to-read list. Can't wait to read them.

  5. Thanks for sharing and the chance to win your book. I always have my own idea about the character too...I don't like picking actors for them because the characters personality is usually all wrong. Even if the character says he's blond and blue eyes, I tend to always think dark and put my own swing on the character as I read. My fantasy I guess I could say. Thanks again.

  6. Sounds like a great read and was definitely hot.

  7. I have always wanted to know about Duncan and I am so glad you got to write his book this quickly after getting the foundation of the series done. I'm really looking forward to reading it. Absolutely can't wait!!!Love the sneak peek and my god was that mmmmmmmmmmm.

  8. Having read all the books in the Vampires of America series, I can tell you all of them are good reads. I was attracted to Duncan from the start and when D.B. announced her next book would be about him, I couldn't wait to download a copy. And he's exactly the way I pictured him: a true alpha male with the manners of a southern gentleman. If you think the excerpt above was hot, you should definitely read the book. The scene where Emma accuses Duncan of behaving like a girl is....[clears throat] ...well, it's very provocative.

  9. OMG!!!! That excerpt was soooooo HOT!!!! Can't wait to read this book and get to know Duncan better. Thanks for the giveaway.


  10. DB! Good pick from the book! One of my "fave" scenes..hee. I gotta say, Duncan was a fabulous read. This series just keeps getting better, kids! If you haven't read it, or are just starting out, I promise you some of the best vamps and their ladies being written about today. Thanks, DB! You did it again!

  11. Is it hot in here or is it me??? Don't light a match to close to me or I'll go up in flames!!!
    I've loved Duncan from the very beginning...I'm so damn happy that he's got his story and getting his HEA!!!
    I ordered my copy yesterday and can't wait to get my hands on him...I'm mean it!!!
    Have a safe and happy Holiday season!!!
    ctrim at wi dot rr dot com

  12. Holy smokes that was hot! Ummm...can I get a fan over here please! Sounds like my kind of book.


  13. Wowee! I just got out of bed, and I'm ready to crawl back in and attack my husband after reading that excerpt, LOL! Another new to me author, but adding to my TBR list right now!!
    Thanks for the giveaway chance!
    Gena Robertson

  14. Wow!! Thanks for the excerpt!! Thanks for the chance. You are a new author to me and you are going on my list!!

  15. Whew...HAWT excerpt!! Great giveaway...Happy holidays!

  16. Oh MY! Count me in...I need to have this in my collection.
    musicalfrog at

  17. wow that is a steamy excerpt


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