Saturday, December 31, 2011

Reading Historical Romance at a Paranormal Blog

Reading What?

I’ve read just as much historical romance as I have paranormal romance this past year.  (At least that is what the pie chart shows on my Goodreads stats.)  So you can see why I was a little bit leery when Laurie first asked me to become a reviewer for BBPR.

First of all, I was a rookie when it came to reading romance; I barely had my toes in the water.  Secondly, writing for me is like banging my head up against a wall; I get nowhere fast.  And the biggest one of all, I’m the slowest reader E.V.E.R.  Go ahead, ask Laurie – she’ll tell you.  I savor my books.  When everyone else has read three or four – yep, I’ve read one.  But I’ve made it one year here and she hasn’t kicked me out…yet.  *throwing confetti*

Getting back to the historical thing.  I don’t know what it is that attracts to me all of those eras:  Regency, Victorian, Highlanders, Georgian, whatever.  I’m sure there’s a list somewhere detailing which era fell within what time constraint.  (If you know where it is, could you please point me in the right direction.)  I’m sure it has a great deal to do with the awesomeness of the brilliant authors and the worlds they create.  Or maybe it’s what lies beneath all those clothes!?!

Then again, I’ve noticed with the historical romance I’ve read over the last few years, all of my favorite heroes are alpha men.  Well, there may a smidgen of beta, but not very much.  There is something to be said about a devilish rogue needing to be tamed.

I blame it all on the subliminal influences from the 1960’s.  Yes, My Lovelies, I am a child of the era and now known as a Baby Boomer.  Who knew that decades later I would fall in love with reading romance *those trashy* novels.  I’ll read just about all of the romance genres with historical and paranormal being the top two on my list and I owe it all two these two gems:

"Hungry for those good things........."


DAYUM, Mark Lindsey is fine!!  

It has come to my attention that another fine, vampire, paranormal romance is being released very shortly and wouldn’t you know it, #shitdamnhellfire I’m four or five behind in reading that series.  And, AND, to top it off, my second most fav BDB, Tohr, is getting his book and I’m two behind there as well #shitdamnhellfireagain.  Well, I guess 2012 just might be the year paranormal outweighs the historical.

I just couldn’t help myself….a helluva way to end the year and start a new one.

Note to somebody:  Need to make a new Paul Marron video – many, many book covers to choose from!


  1. OMG! Not Paul again, it was going so good until then LOL. Your stuck here right along with the rest of us, you know that right. Now hurry up and read before I get the whip out and call you LOL... Oh, wait you're review free... not for long *wicked grin..

  2. Wicked, wicked woman........


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