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Review Ella's Coffee by Tony Pritchard

Title: Ella's Coffee
Author: Tony Pritchard
Source: Requested Review
Genre: Contemporary Fiction
Length: Short Story
Release Date: Oct. 25, 2011

Ella wants a man. Not any man of course, but certainly one less desperate than she is. Not too flash either. Just a nice, decent, fairly attractive male. The trouble is; there don't seem to be any, and as age claws at her confidence, she wonders if she might be single forever. Hence the blind date. Hence the hours of preparation and determination this time; finally; she will meet "the one".

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"Leaving the house for her blind date with the mysterious Doctor Andrew, 43 year old Ella was a wild, untamed gypsy goddess, but sitting outside Chequers, sipping cold coffee, she wonders why her reflection reminds her so much of Ken Dodd."

A tale of following the rules of dating, finding men, and hanging on to your sanity.

Also includes the bonus story, "Adrift", a short tale of marital decay and the inevitable car crash of a child leaving home.

Two stories to raise a smile, swell the heart and bolster hope.

Ella's Coffee was a prize winning entry in the Frome Literary Festival

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My Review:

This is a little different from what we usually review here on Bitten By Paranormal Romance but I glad I got to read this.

Tony Pritchard has created female characters who are spot-on and life-like, very real. He has hit the characterizations of these two women, Ella (Ella's Coffee) and Susan (Adrift), out of the ballpark.

In Ella's Coffee, Ella is a forty-two-year-old woman waiting in a coffee shop for her blind date to show. This is a funny look at what women can put themselves through. The things that go through her mind as she is waiting to meet her date are funny but mask loneliness. A couple of funny quotes from the story:
"She couldn’t afford to be distracted by anyone, no matter how tightly they were packed into their regulation black trousers."

"If it wasn’t for men she would wander around in a sack cloth with wild untempered hair, legs like a gorilla and possibly a beard."
Adrift is a poignant story of a twenty-year-old marriage lost in the everyday grind and what happens when the only child leaves the nest for college. Has some horror elements in Susan's nightmares.

Tony Pritchard is an author to watch for. These two short stories would easily make good full length novels or novellas.

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