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Review of THE CHAMELEON GOGGLES (Book Two: The Kraken's Caribbean) by Maureen O. Betita

THE CHAMELEON GOGGLES (Book Two:  The Kraken’s Caribbean)
Maureen O. Betita
Decadent Publishing Company, LLC
Published October 18, 2011
Genre:  Paranormal, Sci-fi, Fantasy Romance
Ebook, Novel
Ebook provided by author for honest review

Nothing is ever dull in the Kraken’s Caribbean, at least not for very long. Emily is settling into life with her new husband in this strange new world when things heat up again! A zeppelin sighting opens the door into another realm and unlocks the gate to Captain Jezebel’s past, barricaded for decades.

The denizens of Tortuga must band together to save their world from an invasion that threatens to destroy everything they hold dear and when Jezebel disappears, Emily and the motley crew of the Cursed Quill risk everything to travel to a world where greed is king and lives chattel for the Directors and their pet scientists.

Jezebel is thrust back into the horror of her childhood, and the carefully constructed walls protecting her mind crumble. Her life in the Caribbean, her relationship with Mick…her very sanity, hang in the balance. Novan has come for their lost daughter and all her stolen inventions. What can a 17th century pirate ship do against a military airship? Even with the great Albino Kraken at their side?

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The entire swashbuckling crew is back in the second installment of The Kraken’s Caribbean.  Yes, this book focuses on Mick and Jezebel’s relationship, but we learn a great deal more about Jezebel and nothing about Mick.  Emily is heavily involved in the storyline with the help of Tink, Davis, Janey and Keitran.  I don’t think this book could be read as a stand-alone because of all the ground work and connections developed between the characters during the first book, THE KRAKEN’S MIRROR.

You may be wondering why such an odd title.  As in the first book, the item does play an integral part in the story.  Jezzie developed the goggles while she lived on the planet Novan and brought them with her when she escaped to Tortuga.  Whoever wears the goggles appears and sounds like a different person - a chameleon.  It’s these goggles and “Jasmina” that the Novans have been pursuing all these years. 

THE CHAMELEON GOGGLES is a frolicking good time of pirates battling ships on the sea and in the air.  It is also a dark tale of one woman’s battle to overcome her past.  Jezzie and Emily have to endure the brutal attentions of a sadistic pedophile. While these scenes are not described in detail, you have enough information for the development of the story and the character.  It’s not too much to read, so stick with it.

When Jezzie’s past is revealed, she has to confront all of her demons.  To stop blaming herself and thinking she was less than nothing.  When Mick and Jezebel finally have a “heart-to-heart” about it, it’s his words that disarm her:

“Jezebel, we are a pair. I am yours, as you are mine and if this man were still alive, I would kill him for what he did. And yet, I thank God because you are here with me and I am not alone.”

His voice had dropped to a hoarse whisper.

Not alone? He feared isolation?

She began to shiver, still wrestling with too many words. Suddenly, he released her. She stayed where she knelt, shaking her head. A blanket dropped on her shoulders and she heard him pull a chair out. Turning her head, she saw he’d taken a seat and poured himself another mug of rum. He watched her, letting the blood from the scratches she’d caused drip to his breeches. Leaning forward, he spoke once more.

“What you do with it now is what counts.”

I would characterize THE CHAMELEON GOGGLES as a continuing high-seas, sci-fi, fantasy adventure with a bit of romance thrown in.  Ms. Betita has coined the term “piratepunk" for her series.  Yeah, it fits.


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