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Review of Dirty Immortals on Holiday by R. M. Sotera

Title: Dirty Immortals on Holiday
Author: R. M. Sotera
Source: Requested Review
Genre: Paranormal Romance - Vampires, Nordic Gods
Format: ebook - Word Count : 26250
Release Date: October 15th 2011
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So much for a vacation…

Laurent, Brandi, Jett and Sophia decide to take a much-needed vacation in the beautiful Caribbean. And all hell breaks loose. Sophia wants to eat the tourists. Jett has daddy issues, and Brandi has to go to work, learning to transport dead Norse warriors to the afterlife. All the while, Laurent is trying to keep his family together.

What else could possible go wrong?


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My Review -

Dirty Immortals is the 4th in the Dirty Series that reunites Jett, Sophia, Laurent and Brandi together and continues where it left off in book 3. This was a very light and quick read that focuses on Jett and Brandi and their father Thor's obsession in obtaining the hammer from them at all cost, though at the time none of them expected the cost to be so high. `As in the Goodreads blurb, stating that Jett and Brandi have the daddy issues with Thor is putting it mildly and more like they want to ring his neck.

Laurent and Brandi played a large role in this sequel while Jett and Sophia were more in the background and had brief moments however, their moments had a huge impact on the storyline and the direction where future books in the series will go.

I was very surprised and saddened by the events that transpired and, at the same time, found myself in awe with Laurent. He was a sexy, bad-ass, powerful vampire and became my favorite character in this series. I loved his little sexy time with Brandi with his naughty, taboo ways (warning there was some anal action) that may have lacked in quantity definitely satisfied me in terms of quality (Mmmm Laurent really knows how to take care of a woman).

Despite some grammatical errors or typos, which lead to some scenes that didn't quite make sense, it is nice novella to wet your appetite for something with light action both under and above the sheets.

If you don't have the time or energy to get submerged in a long and heavy novel then this is a good one to pick up. I'm looking forward to seeing what is going to happen next in the series with these characters and how they are going to get through this latest dilemma.


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  1. This is a new series for me, so I did not read the review too carefully. Thank you for sharing about what sounds like a fun series :)


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