Monday, December 19, 2011

Review The Protectors 'Damon' by Teresa Gabelman

Title: The Protectors 'Damon'
Author: Teresa Gabelman
Source: Author Request
Genre: Paranormal Romance/Vampires
Format: eBook
Release Date: November 27, 2011

The Protectors 'Damon' 
Damon DeMaster’s is a vampire warrior who has taken an oath to not only protect his own kind, but human’s as well. Crimson Rush is the new drug on the streets and it’s their duty to find who is behind the selling of vampire blood and stop it.

As a social worker, Nicole Callahan fights for the right of every child placed in her care. There’s a war now as vampires have stepped out into the spotlight taking their place in society and the children are at the heart of it all.

Damon and his fellow warriors have been ordered by the Vampire Council to train Nicole and her colleagues against the dangers they now face in their new world. Even as sparks fly and tensions mount Nicole and Damon depend on each other to protect the children of both races.

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Fantastic! A terrific start to a new series. Vampires have come forward and claimed their space in our world. Along with them, a new problem: human addiction to vampire blood, AKA Crimson Rush. Children are being turned into vampires to supply the new drug of choice, leaving social workers to try to clean up the mess of broken homes and child abuse. Nicole, having been a foster child herself, is passionate about saving these kids and finding safe homes for them. Damon and his league of Vampire Warriors have been brought in to teach Nicole and her coworkers how to defend themselves since their jobs are getting more and more dangerous. Nicole is doing too good a job at saving these kids and interrupting the blood trade, so a hit is taken out on her life. Damon and his friends now must find out who wants her dead.

Nicole may be a tiny woman, but she is full of passion and fire. She is always thinking of others and lets nothing stand in the way of protecting "her" kids. Damon is instantly drawn to her with a need to protect her. He knows she is his mate, but he refuses to claim her. I really enjoyed watching the other vampires try to force Damon to admit his feeling for Nicole by flirting with her. I had quite a few laughs at his expense.

I can't say enough how much I enjoyed this book and eagerly await the next in the series.



  1. nice review! i'll definitely be checking this one out!!

  2. Thank you for the great review Nookmom. It means so much to me that you enjoyed Damon. Have a wonderful and safe holiday!!!



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